What Is In New Version OfFire Emblem Heroes 3.0.0 APK?

The new version of the Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0.0 APK has been finally launched. The game is released for both Android and iOS devices and it is a major update bringing different stories and other changes.

The updated version of the Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0.0 Game has Book III of the story. Book III sees the heroes face off against a new enemy from the realm of the dead. Fire Emblem Heroes still continues to be Nintendo’s big money maker on the mobile devices.

Nintendo launched a ten minute trailer highlighting updates coming to Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0.0 APK which is a mobile game based on Intelligent System’s strategy RPG franchise. The trailer was packed with lot of details and info, despite it being short and sweet.

The trailer began with the announcement of Book III, which will be a next chapter in the Fire Emblem Heroes story and additional four characters are added.

Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0.0 APK
Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0.0 APK

What are the updates in the Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0.0 APK?

  • New Seasons: Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0.0 APK will witness four new seasons which will be Light, Dark, Astra and Anima. The new four seasons will join the originals which are the Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. The new version also has introduced a new hero rarity, Mythic. The new seasons will offer bonus to the new Mythic Heroes.
  • New Summoning Event: A new summoning event has been launched with the start of a Heroes Fest and some changes have also been made. The featured Heroes of this event are Owain, Lewyn, Ophelia and the newly announced character, Eir. The event also displayed a new ticket type called the First Summon Ticket. This ticlet will help you to get your first summon without spending any orbs.
  • New Weapon Skills and Weapons to refine are added.
  • Gladiator’s Blade
  • Scarlet Sword

How do I Install Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0.0 APK?

You can download Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0.0 APK. The app is posted in the Simulation category. The Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0.0 is developed by Nintendo Co, Limited.

The average rating of the game is 5 and the app is downloaded 1,000,000 times by the users. The app is available on AndroidAPKsFree. The app is available in English.

Download the latest version of Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0.0 APK and open it using the File Manager of your favorite choice and then install by tapping on the file name.

If you still find it difficult to install, then you will have to enable the Unknown Sources from your Android settings.

What are the changes in the new version of the Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0.0 Game?

  • The Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0.0 Game can be played on Hard or Lunatic difficulty without clearing the Normal difficulty first.
  • You can now tap on a trap to see its range when editing the structure layout in Aether Raids.
  • The Aether Raids icon is now visible in the title portion.
  • The View Bonus Allies screen in Aether Raids can now be accessed.
  • The Legendary Effect season icon is now visible.
  • Fixed the issue affecting phones running Android 9.

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