How Flipd App works?

Flipid App, Flipd App: lets you connect with communities to spend time unplugged with friends and it is the best way to get disconnected without feeling disconnected. According to research, spending less time on screens is god for your mental well being.

Flipd helps you to reclaim your time to focus on things that make you happy, productive and present. Flipd allows you to spend time off the phone and you can use your time to create things and connect with the world around you.

You become more focused and more motivated and Flipd helps you to reach a healthier daily life. It helps to improve concentration and one becomes more aware of the use of phone.

Flipd has provided a powerful solution to answer the problem in a world of increasing interruptions, notifications and distractions. It helps you to spend less time distracted and more time focused on what matters. With the light or full lock mode, the app gets you to stay off your phone to stay on a task.

It is the simplest and most effective solution to prevent you from getting off task so you focus on what is really important. Research says that Flipd is proven to help you stay focused, improve your attention and increase productivity. With this app, stay connected and remove distractions.

Flipid App
Flipid App

How does Flipd App help one to stay focused?

  • Helps one to curb phone addiction.
  • It is really helpful.
  • Cool app for students.
  • Destroys distractions.
  • Helps one to study and stay focused.

The Flipd app helps you to cut down the amount of time you spend sending e mails, messages, talking, swiping your way through everyone. It is very easy to use. You only have to log in via Facebook or Google.

Then hit the Flip Off button and then select how long would you like to be locked out of your phone. When you are locked out, you can also keep control if you want Flipd to send an auto responder message to anyone who tries to contacts you.

The app is really helpful for those who are aggressively addicted to phone. The app offers two different modes. The first mode is the Casual lock. This option keeps you away from your phone and keeps you focused for a specific period of time.

And if this does not work with you, there is the Full lock. This option is as severe as it sounds. It hides all your apps and locks you out of your device for duration of time you had set before hand. Even rebooting your phone will not help to disable the app.

Flipd for everyday life

  • The app will help you to challenge yourself to unplug while you work.
  • It will remind you to stay on task.
  • The app will motivate you.
  • You can schedule reminders for whenever you need to Flip Off.
  • You can use the Full lock to stay out of distracting apps and games.

So get going and install the app which is available on both Google Play store and the Apple app store.


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