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Florence APK: We all know that the video games rarely capture the act of falling in love with any degree of authenticity. Most of the time, what we get to see are two characters are simply deemed destined for one another.

We also do not see the beautiful mess that is falling in love which gets unfolded organically very much at all in games. Since games are an interactive medium, where blind spot is particularly upsetting.

Florence, fills that void and then some, offering one of the most thoughtful and heartfelt experiences you can ever experience on a mobile device.

What is Florence APK?

In the beginning, the titular character is shown as 25. A typical day for Florence: where she hits the snooze button on her alarm multiple times, rides the bus to work with her face glued to her phone, spends her day balancing company numbers in a cubicle, eats dinner in front of her TV, watches more TV, and then goes to bed.

Florence APK
Florence APK

A more than usual day in a girl’s life of this age group. The game quickly conveys that Florence, like many people, feels alone. Her only intimate interactions happen in the phone calls with her mother that never end well.

How to Install Florence APK?

If you love visual novels or just general feels, this might be your treat. The game takes under an hour to complete. The Florence APK can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for $2.99 and has no in-app purchases, so the price you pay up front is the only price that you will be paying.

There are no hidden costs in this Florence 1.0.7 Game. At that price, a bit over half an hour’s entertainment is not at all a bad deal or poor value, but since this is a mostly narrative experience, it is actually worth your pay.

The Florence Game has already been awarded with 4.6 stars on Apple’s App Store and has got mostly favourable reviews since the iOS release, fans of the genre might not want to miss Florence. You can also download it from the Google Play Store.

Once you enter the game and get totally focused into the story, Florence Apk deftly gets you to interact with its moving parts which will encourage you to trace through your own experiences with love.

Florence APK is now available on the App Store for $3. You must have also seen from the trailer itself that Florence’s webcomic style visuals look absolutely gorgeous and stunning.

The trailer also shows just a few of the minigames that add a layer of interactivity to the game’s short, but poignant story and the trailer itself is good enough to attract the gamers from all over the world.

The Florence APK actually resembles a comic or graphic novel, which has a background soundtrack. The game is divided into a series of chapters which start by making you familiar with how the various mechanics work.

The Florence APK is good enough to keep your boring time engaged for more than 30 minutes for sure.


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