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Today many anime apps are really fun to play and keep you engaged for hours. Many people always look out for something innovative and creative in anime characters but could not make it true. So, for such people, Gacha Club is the best app today which would allow users to dress up various anime characters and create your own stories and scenes. Gacha Club Apk is very popular among people who love to dress up and pose in different styles as they can try it out with anime characters.

Basic Details Of the Game

Apk Size100 MB
Android Version RequiresAndroid 5.0+ and up

Content RatingRated for 12+

What is Gacha Club?

This is a club where you will be dressing up various anime characters and create some scenes in the studio. There are many outfits, weapons, hairstyles, etc. which you can choose to dress up your anime characters in a stylish way. Once your characters are dressed up take them to the studio where you can create scenes with the help of different backgrounds.

Users can dress up the utmost 10 characters for a scene and assemble different scenes to create a full story. The app works as a platform to show your love for animation and creativity to the world. Some pets and objects can be used along with the background to get the perfect shot. The best part is you are not required to pay anything for the app and there is no in-app purchase in the app.

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Screnshots Of the Gacha Club APK

What is the battle mode in the game?

Gacha Club Apk is not only about dressing your anime characters and creating various scenes. But the characters would also require to participate in the battle against monsters. These players who are coming up different characters can also take pets to fight against enemies. In every battle, players are required to defeat at least 1 enemy or more. Pets participating in battel make it more interesting as they can help to receive units and also at a certain limit the power of pets increased. Thus it becomes easy to win the battle against monsters.

Various elements can be used in the battle and these are as follows:

  • Water: It heals to create extra damage to the fire element that comes from the enemy but at the same time has fear to get damage due to wind.
  • Wind: It can have damage due to fire but at the same time can cause damage to the water element.
  • Light: It can cause damage to the dark element.
  • Cosmic: It is the best as it has the power to defeat all other elements that are been used in the battle.
  • Fire: It helps to create more damage when used wind element but can also be dangerous against the water element.
  • Corrupted: It works against cosmic and light elements.
  • Dark: When used in the battle it can cause damage to the light element.

Why play mini-games?

Users are limited to the usage of characters initially but with the help of gems, they can get more characters. These gems can be collected by playing different mini-games which are equally interesting and entertaining. These games are like Mascot whack, Usagi vs Neko, etc. These games will help you to get gems of buying characters and pets.

Thus using pets along with your created anime character will increase the status of it. There is also an option here the pets can talk and thus you will feel as if it is some dream world. These mini-games can be played even offline and thus you can have fun without the internet. 


  • The Gacha Club Apk has more than 40 clubs where you can participate and check out characters created by other players.
  • Gacha club has the option to add hand gestures and mount your character on the prop.
  • Using pets in the game will make it more interesting. These pets will not only participate in the battle but can be customized with different colors along with the ability to talk.
  • It comes with many customization options that can keep users engaged for hours.
  • Moni games and battle mode in the game are also gaining popularity among players.
  • In the studio mode, there is an option to create scenes with the utmost 10 characters. There are almost 600 poses, objects, pets, etc. that you can select to create the scene.


  1. When is the Gacha club going to come on the iPad?

According to developers, Gacha would be available on the iPad only after releasing it on android. So, it might come out after June 2020.

  1. When in Gacha club would be available for Samsung?

Samsung users would be able to create their anime characters from June. Developers have declared that the app will be available in the Play store till the end of June.

  1. When does the Gacha club come out for iPhone?

The expected time for the availability of the Gacha club on the iPhone would be the end of June or July.

Gacha Club is one of the interesting game which can gain good popularity by its followers. The app allows players to customize different anime characters in various ways and create scenes using pets and backgrounds. The Gacha club also gives an option to play various mini-games that can help to buy some more characters. Users can get the game free of cost and there is no in-app purchase till today. Thus players can enjoy their game to the best and bring the hidden creativity with this gaming platform.

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