Introduction Of Game For Peace Apk

We all know about the PUBG game and its popularity among people Tencent Gaming Company has now stopped the upgrade of the game due to some rules and regulations of the China Gaming. So they have launched a new game Game For Peace Apk in which existing player of PUBG can easily migrate.

As PUBG is no more supported by China Authority so peoples can update the new app in their devices. In this game, it will automatically convert the account information with the friends, ranks, gold coins, data conversion, and other things which player have obtained on the battlefield.

The new game is based on the theme of patriotic and with this they have also made some changes in the Chinese air force. Through this game, you will fight royale battle and 100 players were playing one who will stand till the end of the game will be a winner. For w game player have to collect equipment and area of playing will get smaller as a player will pass the rounds.

It is the amazing version of PLAYER UNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS. The Game For Peace Apk is much similar to the old version controls, elements, and interactive objects are also the same but it has made it touch screen for making it more interesting.

Game For Peace APK

How to Download Game for Peace APK?

  • For downloading it, you have to visit the official website.
  • And you have to change the language setting to English by clicking. At the bottom, you will find the option of Ranking Menu or Search for Game For Peace Apk.
  • Now you can easily download the game when it gets to download it time to install the game.
  • After all this, you have to create a QQ account by visiting the official link. If it gets an error while creating through the link then you can go for WeChat download and create an account through it.
  • When you will successfully create the account now you can open the game.
  • Then you have to click on the QQ or WeChat icon. If you are using QQ account then you have to download the QQ app on the device.
  • Now you have to log in with the details of the account which you have created.
  • After this open, the Game For Peace Apk and have to login again.

Earn Money by Playing Game

Yes, this is true that player can also earn money by playing a game as it is getting in the top rank for the app stores for the android device and IOS. While winning the game against the opponent will provide you a chance to win the amount.

Health will not affect

Like in the old version of game player health gets decreases when they get affects by the attack but in the new version, there is no chance of effect in health when the player will be inside the particular area.

End the Game

The most interesting thing about the Game For Peace Apk the five players can also explore the message of ending the game according to their wish.