You know a game is worth playing and an extremely popular one if has earned its own Wikipedia page. Geometry Dash, as the name suggests, is not an online math game, if that’s what you are thinking. Geometry Dash is an utterly addictive, frustrating, a music-themed action game. Geometry Dash was first created for mobile devices, but you can easily play it straight from your web browser, too.

According to Robert Topala, “There was really no detailed plan… it simply started as a template with a cube that could crash and jump“.

In order to play the game all you have to do is jump and survive your way past never-ending obstacles in each level. The game is well known for its rhythm-based platformer.

There’s a special portal feature to change your speed. With tens of millions of players playing this game worldwide, this is one game you must give a try for its some awesome features, which are as follows. You can try bobby movie apk to download movies and videos online.

Geometry Dash Apk
Geometry Dash Apk


Geometry Dash is available across all platforms: web, Android, iOS and Windows phone.


  • Jump = SPACE/UP Arrow
  • Multi-jump = HOLD DOWN SPACE/UP Arrow
  • Steer vehicle up = UP Arrow
  • Steer vehicle down = DOWN Arrow

Bonus Tip: Don’t mess with the spikes, otherwise you would have to restart the game and play from the beginning game.


It was developed by Sweden-based developer Robert Topala for mobiles,

Before, it was actually published to PC as Geometry Dash Online.

The game was released in 2013; as a mobile and steam game. It has 21 official levels and has more than 40 million online levels made by players.  It would be unfair to call this game violent or showing, graphic sexual content, and/or gambling but it surely tests your patience level.

Features of Geometry Dash APK

Following are some of the cool features of the popular game due to which 10 million players like to play the game worldwide.

  1. You can play it online

Now you can save your storage for important apps. The good news is, the game is easy to access and you don’t necessarily have to download the game in order to enjoy it. You can play it online from anywhere in the world.

  1. Excellent HD Graphics

The most prominent feature of the game is its excellent graphics. When it comes to playing games, the great quality of the graphics adds value. Imagine playing a game with poor graphics quality.

  1. Difficulties in Game adds excitement

Playing normal games could turn out to be boring and unexciting. But when it comes to Geometry dash there are new challenges and dangers ahead at each level which makes players really enthusiastic and they may experience the André line rush.

  1. Free of cost

Now comes the great part, you don’t have to buy this game in order to enjoy playing it. It’s absolutely free of cost; however, there may be some unlocked features and levels which can only be enjoyed if you buy the game.

  1. Light Weight

The game’s optimized coding makes it lightweight and easy to be installed on almost any device as it doesn’t consume much RAM.

  1. Updates

The game’s new updates are frequently updated by its developers to keep the players interested in the game.

  1. Keep the excitement alive

At each level players are confronted with new challenges, hardships and obstacles which keep the excitement alive and put a player’s skills (jump, fly, skip) to the limit as he/she thinks of possible ways to overcome the danger.

  1. Simple controls

It’s just a pick and plays the game, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy in order to learn to play this game or master it.

  1. Music full with rhythm

The upbeat and fun music makes the experience exciting for players. Furthermore, it matches the character’s movement which provides an immersive experience to the players.

Additional features of Geometry Dash APK

  • level editor
  • Unique background music in each level
  • Map packs.
  • User-created levels,
  • Secret coins, and a variety of icons.
  • Variety of game modes.
  • Three shops and three secret vaults in the latest versions.
  • Easy controls make it super easy to play.
  • Can be customized as per the player’s expertise level.

What Geometry Game Is About?

In Geometry Dash, a player simple clicks to control different vehicles that react when he/she presses anywhere on the touchscreen (in case of smartphones) or “A” button in case of using a controller if playing (on the PC version)  (space/up key(s) (in case of mouse).

The players make vigorous effort to move a squared character from the path that’s full with obstacles and challenges, making use of tapping the screen in order to make it jump, or holding on to the screen to make it skip or go down the ramp.

The game is very exciting if you are a real player, but not very suitable for children under 8 as the game tends to be very frustrating as one single careless error puts you back at the very beginning — and even “easy” levels are not easy to master.

This game may be okay for children if they handle losing again and again without getting the frustrated and losing heart. The paid app also includes a level maker which lets players create their own play areas.

There’s so implied violence in the game, other than the many different ways to die (which just means restarting the game) starting from the first level, Buzzsaw.

The objective of the game

The main objective of the game is to complete each level by reaching its end; however, if the player gets stuck in an obstacle, he/she will have to start over from the beginning.

All levels are unlocked from the start (with the exception of the three demon rated levels in the full version), so a person can play the game according to the order he/she wishes to, and can collect up to three secret coins which are hidden or are found in troublesome areas  (or both) at each respective level.

Is Geometry Dash a Good Game- A Game Worth Playing?

GEOMETRY DASHis a game that will divide its users into two groups. Users from one group would love the addictive and action nature of the platformer, but users from the other group will quickly label it as a frustrating exercise. They both are right.

The game is indeed crazy, and less-than-perfect control system will drive many players to fits of rage, the on-screen square character doesn’t always jump the minute you tap the screen. And the constantly appearing counter taunts the players by displaying how many times they have failed.

But, the good news is by listening for musical clues and practicing different levels through its practice mode, it’s possible to master the game which can ease the frustration.

And furthermore, its level-creation mode lets users easily design levels according to their expertise in an easy fashion, which makes the whole gaming experience less frustrating and worthwhile.

If the player completes a level successfully, he/she will be rewarded with icons or colors on main levels, and mana orbs, which will help them to purchase icons, death effects, or trails in the shops.

Geometry Dash APK Free Download

Yes, Geometry Dash APK is absolutely free to download. You can play this popular game on any of your favorite devices.

Just follow the below steps depending on the selection of your device.

Steps to download & install Geometry Dash APK on Android

What is APK?

In case, you are wondering what APK is, then let me tell you, APK stands for an Android application package.

APK is a zip file format package based on the JAR file format, with the APK extensions.

It is a file format that is used to install application software and distribute software and middleware with the Google Android OS.

Once you have downloaded Geometry Dash apk (Android 4.0.1 or above) file from Here, or you can visit the Google play store and look for the virus-free version…

Follow the following easy steps to install it,

  • from your device, go to Settings
  • Select Security Settings
  • Enable Installation from Unknown Sources.
  • After that, using a file manager, look for the downloaded game (Geometry Dash game) APK file and tap on it.
  • It will show a disclaimer, and once you have read it carefully, tap on install.
  • It will get installed quickly.

Once the installation is done, you are free to enjoy this awesome game, cool, isn’t it?

Download Geometry Dash App for iOS

Now you can enjoy your favorite game, Geometry Dash, by downloading and running on your iOS devices like iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

It is very easy to download and use this gaming app on your device. You can directly download the game on your iOS device since it is available on App Store.

So all you need to do for downloading this app on your IOS device is choose an APK file format.

Once the application is installed on your IOS device you need to do some temporary changes so that your IOS device accepts the Geometry dash APK.

For those readers who want guidance how to download and install Geometry dash Vidmate APK on their iOS devices can follow the steps given below

  • First, go to the official website of Geometry Game and then hit the download button and download the game. Or you can download it from Here
  • Secondly, go to your iOS device setting and click
    Setting > security > unknown sources.
  • Once you are done with this step your iOS device is ready for installation of Geometry Dash apk app.
  • Thirdly, click on the install option and let the file install on your iOS device.
  • Lastly, once you are done with installation of Geometry Dash apk app you are ready to use it on your device smoothly.

Download Geometry Dash Game for Windows Phone

Geometry Dash is available for windows device as well.

Since Windows device are very compatible therefore if you are window device user and want to play Geometry Dash on your device you just need to follow some basic instructions so that you may enjoy your favorite game on windows phone as well.

Geometry Dash is available on play store so to get this game on your device all you need to do is go to play store and download the game, or you may also go to the official site of the game and start downloading it.

  1. Once the downloading is completed make sure your window device is ready to accept Geometry APK file, before you begin the installation process.
  2. To make your window device ready to accept Geometry Dash APK file follow step by step:
  3. Click on your device setting > security > unknown sources.
  4. Now your window is all ready to accept Geometry APK file.

Once you finish up setting your device to accept APK file, start the installation process. Once the installation is completed you are all ready to use it on your windows device. You can now start playing your favorite game on your window phone too and enjoy.

Download Geometry Dash Game for PC

Following are the steps to download geometry dash for PC by using APK

  1. First of all, make sure that you must have downloaded Bluestacks app player
    2. Now you are ready to download Geometry Dash
    3. After finishing the download of the APK files, now double click on downloaded file to open and install by using Bluestacks.
    4. APK file can be installed and open on the Blustacks.
    5. After you are done with the download and installation procedure, you will see the Geometry Dash for all apps in Bluestacks, now click on the same to open.


Geometry Dash World is a game full of adventure and challenges. It’s not for the faint of hearts. You will fall in the love with the game’s soundtracks and it’s never-ending challenges. So, what are you waiting for, put your headphones on and be ready for an adventure by jumping, flying your way through dark caves and prickly obstacles?