Get Contact Apk

Get Contact is a great and helpful Android app that blocks “SPAM CALLS” and Identify the caller. It can also filter the calls for you if you want to block advertisement calls or messages. Hopefully, you want to get rid of those spammy calls or messages, then get contact app is made for you.

You can also filter calls and add them to whitelisted or blacklisted lists, so the app can recognize them and help you to be spam free. Using getcontact apk you can also know that who is calling you, and where the call coming from. It doesn’t matter if the caller is listed in your contact list or not.

This app is an alternative to the truecaller app. Get Contact app also alerts you instantly, if you get an unwanted call. So that you are totally secure from scam call, robot calls or telemarketers.

Features Of Get Contact Apk

  1. Get Contact application help you to block unwanted or scammer calls, also you can report those calls to save millions of users from scams.
  2. The app will identify the caller identity and it will show you its number, name, and location. If the caller is not in your contact list nevertheless you will get to know about the caller.
  3. It also lets you contact people who you may know. A friend of any relative you have not seen from many years, you can send a request for communication. And if your friend or relative approves your request, you can contact them.

Things you should know:

This application would not work without an internet connection or mobile data. In order to keep this application active, you need an internet connection. get contact apk is completely free and you do not need any paid subscription or anything to use it.

But you need to verify your contact number in order to activate this app on your Android device.There are more features available, so download it right now and know more about its features.

GetContact app is not available for iOS device, you may only able to download and install this app on your android device only. If you want to share the contact number with your friend or family number, then there is another option for sharing.

You can share the contact number using different social accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp, we chat and many more.

How To Download Get Contact apk

You can simply go to google play store in order to download this application. But if you are looking for its direct apk file, so you have landed on the correct page. love4apk only provides direct apk files that can be downloaded easily. So below is the get contact apk download button, simply click on it and get it on your android phone.


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