Google Go App: Google is one of the most popular apps today and to make it faster and optimized Google go app is bene introduced. This app works same like google but here you can retrieve result fast and also it uses just 40% of the data.

People who have slow internet connection find it very difficult to get searched result but with Google go app it is easy to get result on a slow connection.

Google Go App is working as a boon for people and countries who are fighting with a slow internet connection. It is possible to search for any web page easily and thus get all your answers on mobile even with limited internet. Google Go app not only consumes fewer internet data but also requires less space on mobile memory.

Google Go App
Google Go App

Why install Google Go App?


People who are living in a place where internet connectivity is not as required and find it difficult to use Google apps can go for Google go app. It is a lightweight search app which is just 7MB in size and requires less data for searching which will keep your mobile speedy.

Google Go App comes with an integrated browser which means you can directly search from the app itself and this consumes less amount of data. 

If internet connectivity is very slow it becomes very frustrating to search anything on Google but with Google go app it would be really easy and fast. This app gives the option to access image, news, weather updates and many more just as normal Google app. So, no one would find it difficult to use and everyone can work out with it.

How Google Go app is different from the main app?

The main question is why to install Google go as there is already google app. This new app googles go is also helping to search and explore more information but it is comparatively fast and also speedy which has made the difference. The size of the app is also quite less compared to the main goggle app and also it consumes fewer internet data for search.

This gives an option where an android device with less storage and limited internet can also explore information. This app has a Data usage feature which will help google to load the Lite version of a webpage by using Google ‘s web light and thus it becomes quite faster to get new web pages.

These Google apps come up with the result in milliseconds and so it is advisable to install Google go and enjoy all the required features. Today there are many nations in the world which has low internet connectivity and so for such places this app is the perfect solution. It has all features just like google and so there is no compromise on features and results.

Google go
Google go

Features of the Google Go App

  • Google has helped to get solution for queries easily but with goggle go it has become easier as just with a tap you can get information on trending topics. It also gives the option to search by using the voice feature.
  • It became easy to access all your favorite apps and websites with google go as it can give result quickly. This is a one-stop solution for all your problems and can give result for everything you search on the internet.
  • This app gives an option where you can set the second language and thus it becomes easy to switch results in language you require. It is boon to people who are unable to understand English and willing to use google.
  • You can find all the trending and perfect images and gifs according to the occasion. It can give life to your chatting and make it more enjoyable.
  • Google go apps would help Google to read information for you as words are highlighted as google read it and thus you can find it easy to follow.

People who are having an android phone along with android lollipop or higher can easily install this app in their device through play store. Thus easy installation along with user-friendly and known interface has helped people to make search easy with limited usage of data. So, feel free to download the app and install in the device and enjoy its eye seeking feature.