About Google Night Sight APK

Google showed off Night Sight, a feature which produced unbelievable looking photos in a near absence of light at the Pixel 3 launch event in NYC. The Google Night Sight APK boasts seemingly huge improvements in low light photo quality. Currently, the company is officially rolling out this feature for the whole range of Pixel.

The main aim of the Night Sight shooting mode is to decrease the noise and improve the details in images shot and clicked in the dark environments. In any traditional photography, the best way to achieve this is by using a slower shutter so that the image sensor takes more light.

But still, there is a problem with this. Without a tripod, motion blur can become a great problem even if you move slightly. And also this method can give you the worst results as they are almost used handheld. Once you enable the Night Sight, the Google Pixel will readily suggest that Night Sight be used when you are about to take a picture in a low light.

And once you have taken the picture, the device will use its entire machine learning skills to balance the color of your photo.Google Night Sight APK

How to Download Night Sight APK?

If you have any Pixel smartphone, you will soon get to see an update for the Google Camera app waiting in the Play Store. And if you could not find it, still no worries as Google are rolling this update out in phases. Google Night Sight APK has many dark but sharp tools in one bright photo.

Night Sight measures your natural handshake and also how much motion is in the scene before you press the shutter button. Night Sight will take more time capturing night to minimize noise if Pixel is stable and the scene is still and if Pixel is in motion or there is an important scene motion, Night Sight will take lesser exposures and less light to reduce motion blur.Night Sight APK

At present this app is available only for Pixel and XL, Pixel 2 and 2XL, Pixel 3 and 3XL. Also, it is not confirmed if this app will likely expand to non-Pixel smartphones. When you use this latest version of the app, the noise gets drastically reduced and you also get much cleaner images.

The colors and details in far away objects were also much defined and you can also see a lot more in the shadows.

How to Install Google Night Sight APK?Google Night Sight APP

Google Night Sight APK is available to be installed on all the Pixel devices. Google has added this feature to its older Pixel phones too. The app seems to be a big game changer and also reduces the need for an LED flash on your phone for photography in many situations.

To get Night Sight, you will have to download a slightly modified version of the Google Camera app. So after installing this mobile app, you will have two Google camera apps on your phone which is the official version and the modified version. So go ahead and download the app.


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