About Granny Chapter Two Apk

Granny Chapter Two Apk: Granny is one of the most popular horror game which is been developed Dvloper and has gained a great fan following. It has got nearly 100 million downloads from the play store which shows that people are a big fan of such scary mobile game. The developers have launched the second version of the app to bring something new and more interesting for their fans.

In this horror adventure, you will be locked in a scary house along with some props along with granny and grandpa. Granny keeps moving in the house which makes it quite difficult to escape from them. There are tools which would help to break out of rooms but it has to be done smartly as granny is quite attentive and always alert.

The gameplay for the second chapter would almost be the same but with some more adventure and fun that can make it more dangerous but at the same time enjoyable.

Granny Chapter Two Apk
Granny Chapter Two Apk

What is different in Granny Chapter Two Apk?

Everyone who has played chapter one of Granny Chapter Two Apk will know how to solve puzzles and get through the house. In granny chapter two you will have to face granny along with old bald grandpa who would lock you in the house.

In this version, grandpa also has an important role as he is mainly to attack the player if they make some noise or try to escape from the house. Both grandpa and granny have some disability but with some strong points and so you have to deal with both of them according to it.

There are some props which can be used by you to hide in such a scary house and if you luck and smart enough it would be possible to escape from such antagonist. But be very careful and play smartly as there are only 5 days for you to escape from this hell.

Granny is very sharp and can hear clearly but grandpa is not very clear with hearing. So, you to be alert in front of Granny. The main challenge is to escape from the house without making any noise.

This new chapter has 3D graphics to give a real feel of the game. The Granny Chapter Two Apk is quite flexible for the players and so if your mobile does not support such graphics it is possible to get it lower and enjoy this horror game. There are some changes in gameplay which is to be understood before starting the play. 

Granny Chapter Two Mod Apk
Granny Chapter Two Mod Apk

How to install Granny Chapter Two Apk on the device?

It is quite easy to get Granny Chapter Two Apk installed from play store but if you wish to save yourself from granny and Grandpa go for the mod apk. To get the latest version of the app along with an option to play safe just follow below-mentioned steps:

  • Granny Chapter Two mod apk will help to play you to play safely in the game. But as it is third party apk you need to make some changes in your device. So, go to settings -> security -> Enable “Unknown Sources”.
  • Download the file from the given link https://modapkdl.io/granny-chapter-two/?download.
  • Now click on the file and install the apk on your device to enjoy the horror game.
  • How to run from the haunted house?

There are many new and innovative puzzles which are to be solved within 5 days to get escaped from this haunted home. Developers have increased the level of the game and now it is more difficult to more form one room to another. Many of the rooms are been locked which will need keys to e escaped but finding those keys is also an favourable task. To escape from the home, you have to get the board which is in the basement above the drainage pipe. Getting this board will need you to travel through different rooms and hurdles. In chapter two there are no particular keys available to escape but solving different puzzles would help to get out.

Granny Chapter Two
Granny Chapter Two
  • Explain the controls used in the game?

The difficulty level of the game can be decided by the player itself before starting the adventure. This would affect the working of granny and challenges that come across you. It is very difficult to get secrets of the house but if you are smart enough and able to work with patience it would be possible to escape. The appearance of both granny and grandpa s bene decided by the players itself.  

Granny chapter two is almost the same as the previous version but there are some changes in control and difficulty level. Below are some of the control which will be used while trying to escape from the house.

  • It is possible to move the character in the home with the help of left navigation key.
  • Interacting with different objects will also give you the option to pick them up with the help of a button. This would make it easy to run out of the home with the help of the board.

The granny chapter tow is equally exciting and is one of the best scary game on mobile. You would experience the same fear but here it would get increased as both are very harsh and always ready to attack you on any mistake. The graphics of the Granny Chapter Two Apk will make you feel as if you are really in a scary home where two monsters are always having an eye on you. To bring gaming experience on a new level wear your headphones while playing this horror game.