What Is Hello Neighbor Mobile?

Hello Neighbor Mobile Apk is an Android & iOS game developed and published by tiny build,  it could be described as horrific, sly and characters help captives have to fight for freedom and survival, it’s so captivating, you’ll be so thrilled.

ABOUT – A player who successfully sneaks into the basement of their neighbor’s house to unfold a secret.

Hello neighbor mobile latest game was released in the year 2015 on Dynamic Pixels website, later, sales approval was made as an early access game by the Steam Greenlight program and a campaign was launched to encroach further development. It was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One in December 2017. Although the game was criticized for the couple of defaults such as; the control scheme, technical performance, while some rained praises especially about the artwork.

Hello Neighbor Mobile Apk

Later,  Hello Neighbor was ported to PlayStation 4, Nintendo games and other mobile devices. The mobile versions of the game are only supported with a free trial that allows the player through act 1, it should be noted that it’s not available on every mobile.

STAGES – the game is in three (3) stages.

Stage 1 –

A boy is seen playing on the street, then he hears a scream from a neighbor’s apartment. He sneaked into the house out of curiosity and found his neighbor locking someone up in the basement. He got hold of the keys and entered, he observed the neighbor had converted his basement into a dungeon but found no prisoner. Suddenly, the neighbor came out of nowhere and held him captive.

Stage 2 –

The boy regained consciousness only to find himself in a dungeon, locked up,  giving no room for escape. He manages to escape from his cell, on getting to the top,  he realized the neighbor had erected a huge serving as a barricade. The boy tries to come up with different ideas on how to get out. As soon as he crossed the fence,  he crosses the fence, he fled home, surprisingly, the neighbor didn’t give a chase.

If the boy is caught by the neighbor either at stages 1 or 2 without reaching his goals, he’ll be haunted with horrendous nightmares about the neighbor’s past. It is revealed In the nightmare that the neighbor used to have a family; a wife, son, and daughter, the wife was killed in a car crash while the son killed the daughter. The neighbor had to hide the son for protection.

Stage 3 –

The boy, who is now a grown man, wakes up in his apartment, got evicted from his apartment, and then decides to return to his family home. He finds his old home in a dilapidated state, meanwhile, the neighbor’s apartment is also in such an abysmal state. While the man was going through the ruins,  he got haunted by a dark shadow-like creature and then left for home, he slept off. He was roused from sleep almost immediately, a child’s scream woke him up.

Hello Neighbor Apk

Then he discovers the neighbor’s house is back and even more beautiful,  the sight was absolutely breathtaking. The man walks the length and breadth of the house encountering a lot of weird activities, such as battling a giant version of the neighbor and protecting his younger self from the giant. After so much trouble, the man finds the exit and wakes up to find that the neighbor’s house still in ruins.

We were made to believe that most of what happened in stage 3 was a nightmare occurring in the man’s head, and his escape from the house signifies himself finally coming to terms with his kidnap as a boy by his neighbor.

This game is fantastic, fantastic, it’s got everything required to satisfy game lovers. However, if there are any complaints or inconveniences, kindly drop a comment or contact us we’ll be in touch.

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