What Is Hello Stars APK?

Hello Stars APK is an online game that you can play on browsers such as chrome and safari. You can also play the game on the tablet (iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Samsung, and Window Phones) and Smartphone. Hello Stars Mod online is an addicting puzzle game which you can enjoy in your free time. There are sixty different levels are waiting for you. Try to link the beginning point and end point to make the ball slide into the exit.

The aim is to work through levels of increasing difficulty, solving brain-teaser puzzles by moving a variety of blocks into the right place. The expertise needed for the application include critical thinking, problem-solving, and motor skills to utilize the central functions.

Amazing graphics Of Hello Stars Apk

Hello Stars Game has perfect graphics. The color used is largely earth tones, but with a vibrant shade. The choices are also labeled perfectly so you would know quickly what they are for or it would be simple to find what you are looking for.

The game usually would need you to move the tiles on the board to make way for the ball to run through the pipes and reach the finish goal, which is the riveted red title. What is best about it is that it has a perfect movement. The tiles movement at the direction you want one swipe.

Hello Stars Apk

Hello Stars Mod Apk Gameplay

The basic gameplay is extremely easy to learn. If you love puzzle games, you might have enjoyed tile games before, although other games would generally need you to complete an image by rearranging the tiles.

Anyway, this one has a bit of a twist as you would need to move the tiles with pipes so that the ball could pass via them, leading it to the finish goal. While it may seem simple to play, you would find it difficult and it would make you think. It could also be addicting as you would feel challenged to solve more puzzles.

Hello Stars Game Levels

There are different packs accessible including hard, medium beginner, extreme and advanced. This means that all kinds of users from newbies to puzzle pros would find this stunning. Additional, it is also something that you can still play as you better your skills as you could forever play the difficulty levels that you feel are right for you.

The Good About Hello Stars Application

The best thing about Hello Stars Game is that it is free on Android and iOS App. You will be capable to exercise your brain with this amazing game without spending anything. The movement of tiles is also perfect and the graphics are best to the eyes. It is challenging and it would keep you interested for a big time, especially it comes with various problem levels.

Hello Stars Game

The bad About Hello Stars Application

The free app has ads and hits may run out, which may tempt you to make an in-application purchase. The advertisements can also be removed by paying.

The verdict

Hello Stars APK is a challenging, fun and addicting puzzle game that you can get for free with the latest version. If you love this game genre and you would like to boost your brain, this is an amazing app to try.

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