About Id Estudantil App

ID Estudantil Aplicativo, Id Estudantil App is the application which is meant for a student identification card. It is the application through which students from all over the country can issue the ID card without any fee. The ID is the card which has launched by the Ministry of Education and this app has made student life easier.

It also guaranteed the half entrance in the cinemas, shows, events, concerts, and many more. With the use of the Id Estudantil App, students can get their entrance directly in their gadgets without any paper documents and plastic. It is the app in which students have to simply download the app and fill the requested data to grab all information regarding the application.

It is the step towards the digital world and makes the ID process convenient for students. The application allows students to issue their ID without any charges and documents. The Id Estudantil App also features with the QR code to scan the student photo.

It is the digital student card and for the alternative as a portfolio of association for the college students. This is the easiest way for students to create the digital wallet for the education institution as you have to send the data for creating a new ID. It means without any hassle you can create ID without any specific requirements through the government system.

Id Estudantil App

The Id Estudantil App provides the best service for students and allows them to carry ID without any issue. It is the application that also helps students and makes the payment of the movies, shows, theatre and other events at the half-price.  

  • The app allows collecting the data

It is the Id Estudantil App which has invented by the federal government so they can easily collect the personal data from students and teachers. It is gone through the institution which has linked with the Ministry of Education. It is well-known that to create the ID you have to submit some common documents such as course, date of birth, student entry into the semester. The agency understands the importance of privacy so they accurately use data in the right place.

  • Half the cost of entry tickets

Using the app students can also create the app which can be easily run while entering the shows, theatre, movies, and at many other places. This helps students to cut the cost of entry ticket into the half. It is the reason students want to create their ID using the application. It means with the use of app students do not need to spend a high amount while entering such places. Even they can enjoy the cultural program at half rate and have an amazing feeling.

How the ID work through the Id Estudantil App?

It is the Id Estudantil App through which students can arrange their ID proof while having higher education. It is the app that can easily aggregate the data, notifications, services, for the student ease. The main aim of the application is the integration of the data from the student platform and you can also say that it is the visualization of the user profile.

Even, the app also visualizes the information which is related to the degrees, enrolment, scholarship, diplomas, and many other activities. This offers benefits to the external entities by facilitating access tools with ease.

The process through which students can access the ID using Id Estudantil App

We have brought some simple steps so that students can easily access the ID:

  1. Firstly, you have to sign up or log in to the application through id estudantil.mec. For this, you have to fill full name, create a password, and valid email address.
  2. Then a home page will arrive now you have to click on the make my wallet option.
  3. After this, you have to enter the full name, ID number, document data, gender, and social security number.
  4. Now after it enters your full address.
  5. In the next, you have to fill school data with the name of the institute, course, and the registration number.
  6. Once these steps completed sending a photo of the documents.
  7. Now read and accept the policy of the app. Now you will get a digital card.

The Id Estudantil App is beneficial for students and makes the Id process convenient. This is the ID that is only valid for the students for their basic technology and higher education.