What Is Iesabel APK?

Isabel is an Android game,  this app was developed  by “forever Entertainment”, it is available on play store. An intriguing game,  that just has to be downloaded, very addictive, a must have, I must say. It has a colorful scene, that is quite magnetic and does nothing but make one

It centers on a story which goes thus: A woman woke up only to find herself in the forest, she had memory loss,  the protagonist of the shaman whom she met there made her know her fate, involving the ancient devil in recovery. In the darkest times, there’s a heavy reliance on the strong and mighty to save the world. Iesabel Apk  game is one of the biggest on play store and Google Play.

IESABEL android game is an app that could cause some serious diversions during use,  based on the thrilling experience it emanates, Android users are so lucky. This version of the game is supposed to be made available on iOS as well, but it’s a process still under development but will definitely be achieved.

How To Play  Iesabel Game 

Single player: players are faced with the challenge of facing and standing against evil all alone. Free download available on Google Play, play store, and the App Store.


Multi-players: Players are permitted to invite a group of 7 friends to form an unbreakable team, with a clear vision of attack and defense. Locations such as; dungeons, deserts, swamps, icy valleys, caves, forest, etc. IESABEL is best enjoyed by Android users, free download available on Google Play and play store.

Features Of  Iesabel Apk

It has a cool multi-player of 7 friends Presence of astounding locations e.g swamps, caves,  icy valleys etc. Iesabel game is unique, epic and adventurous in nature. It has a thrilling single-player mode, It has a thunderous soundtrack that soothes the theme of the game. It has an amazing view,  the scenery is to die for, the graphics and 3D visuals I just perfect. There are numerous weapons available for victory during fights. The fights look real, extremely challenging and action filled. Participation of powerful characters.

It doesn’t require the purchase of items, to gain maximum access to it. It entertains with intriguing stories of battles, betrayal, victory. Players require skills to win fights. It’s convenient to play. It’s not confusing and easy to control. In addition, this latest version of lesabel apk has a  matured touch of the upgrade, customization and characters development. It is most appealing, for consumption.

IESABEL Apk Download

Requirements for IESABEL Android Game

Before you start IESABEL Android APK Free Download, you must check for the minimum requirement and make sure that your Android device meets these requirements.

How To Download Iesabel Apk for Android 

An Android mobile device (version:2.0.1 upwards)  is required to achieve this.

RAM; 1GB      –         The processor;  1 GHz+            –             File Size; 8+680 MB.

Once the requirements stated above have been met, what are you waiting for? The super addictive game,  free download available on App Store for Android phones and tablets.

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