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Jio Saavn APK which was announced by Reliance Jio on Tuesday, a day after it got spotted on the App Store. The app is the result of Reliance Industries acquisition of Saavn in March 2018, when it acquired a majority stake in the company.

The app’s launch is meant for the rebranding, but for now, things are a bit complicated. On the App Store which is the iOS users, the Saavn app has been rebranded to Jio Saavn, while on Google Play which means for the Android users the Jio Music app has been rebranded to Jio Saavn APK.

This change of the name of the Jio Music app for iOS notes that it will be rebranded to Jio Saavn soon, mainly after following an update. The Jio Saavn merger brings with it a rebranded icon and name, although one might see that most design elements and features of the JIO Saavn APK itself remain similar to those it was offering previously.

All Jio network users will be offered 90 days complimentary access to the premium Jio Saavn Pro subscription. Now, the best thing is that all the Jio users will be able to enjoy free ‘premium’ music service which will be provided to them for 90 days on new the Jio Saavn app.


Eight months after the announcement of acquisition of Saavn by Reliance Industries, Jio and Saavn have finally unveiled a merged platform Jio Saavn service, which according to the company is going to be South Asia’s largest streaming, entertainment and artist platform.

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The company also said the 90-days free Jio Saavn Pro APK is going to be a complimentary access as a premium service. However, the free version will also be available to the Jio users even after the end of 90 days of complimentary access.

According to the company, the current Jio Music and Saavn users will be migrating to the new integrated Jio Saavn platform which is a service which will be offered on a ‘freemium’ model in India where all its users will be having access to the ad-supported product.

“The new integrated Jio Saavn apk will be available across all app stores including the Jio app store, on Jio Phone, as well as, on the Jio Saavn official website according to the statement of the company.

The company further added that “As part of this launch, Jio users will also get a 90-day extended free trial of Jio Saavn Pro, the streaming service’s premium product”.

Jio Saavn APK for iOS and Android Users:

According to the changelog shared in version 6.1 of the Jio Saavn APK on Apple’s App Store, the app is going to remain free for all Jio users. Also additionally, the Jio Music users will be able to access their individual playlists and downloads on the new app.

A 90-day free Jio Saavn Pro membership is also made available for all Jio pre-paid and post-paid subscribers. On Google, the reverse appears to have occurred. Saavn app on Android (version 6.0.6) has not yet received any new branding or logo.

However, Saavn on Twitter points out that Jio Saavn for Android can be expected “soon”. Jio Music for the Android has been rebranded to Jio Saavn apk and it will be the same 90-day complimentary access to Jio Saavn Pro which is available for Jio users.


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