About Jonaxx App

Jonaxx App is one of the best social stories telling a platform where readers and writers from the world form community. This app is mainly for people who have such a hobby but don’t find a platform to show their talent. The number of downloads itself shows the popularity of Wattpad. Some writers have gained immense acknowledgment and popularity as their stores are loved by all.

One such writer is Jonaxx who comes from Cagayan de Oro. She is the first writer on watt pad who has gained more than 1 million followers. Her books are loved by all and people spent their leisure time reading her stories. She is also known as pop –fiction queen whose real name is Jonahmae Panen Pacela but is known by her pseudonym.

She is working with watt pad for the last 7 years and has gained great popularity and fan following. Currently, she has more than 3.6 million followers who love reading her stories. Some of the best stories by jonaxx stories app on watt pad are scorching love, against the heart, Invisible Man, Why Do you Hate Me, and many more.

What is the jonaxx app?

Looking at her immense popularity, jonaxx stories are been released in the form of books. Her top favorite stories are published and sold at many book stores. She is even given the title as “Writer of year”. Her books are introduced through another platform also which is in from of the app. Yes, you heard it right jonaxx stories will now be introduced in the form of an app.

Jonaxx App

This would make it very easy for readers to get access to all her stories through the app. This app will help to get all her stories on the app so that you can read it anytime and anyplace. This app is available for everyone and can even be installed on the PC or laptop. The best part is now you are not required to visit watt pad and search books by jonaxx as you are having a separate app for her books. 

Why install the jonaxx app?

  • People who love jonaxx stories must surely download the app which is mainly showcasing all her favorite books. It will give quick access to her books.
  • You can save your time and also stay updated as the jonaxx app will showcase all her stories. Moreover, any new update would also be notified in the app.
  • Readers are free to give feedback on her books and thus help her to know about the creation. She feels like encouragement when her readers give feedback.
  • The app gives you access to jonaxx stories through the app. This means you can read stories at any time and anyplace. 
  • The app also gives the option to download books so that even without an internet connection you can spend your leisure time enjoying jonaxx books.

This app is mainly for people who are big fans of jonaxx and love to read her books. Watt pad also has all her stories but you need to find it bust ping for jonaxx stories app will make the task easy. Just install the app and enjoy all her great work through this platform.