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Jump Force Game – Maybe we all are familiar with the name Naruto, Goku and now the Android game has come with even more characters to involve.

We often get bored with the same old games and the same old fighting but while we are often left with our own mobiles or tablets sitting to imagine these things but very few of us are still aware that there is a whole YouTube series on it, even – Bandai Namco is finally helping you to let you figure it out in a new video game form.

The gamers would certainly be thankful to Jump Force Game, a new fighting game For PC, Android, and iOS which features a popular anime characters from the Weekly Shonen Jump manga publication. So here we are to discuss all the info about the game you would like to know about.

It is going to be an interesting gameplay and the favorite characters will be seen jumping into the fray. Stating from Bandai Namco has announced that Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki, and Sosuke Aizen will be the playable characters in Jump Force Game Demo.Jump Force Game

The company has also revealed that there will be a new Hong Kong stage where these characters will battle it out. The stages set up are meant to blend locations in the Shonen Jump world with real-world locations. You can get a glimpse of the Hong Kong stage on their website online.

What Really Is Jump Force Game?

Jump Force Game is an anime lover’s dream out there. All those nostalgic feelings of those Saturday mornings which you had spent watching Goku charge up his powers for 8 episodes of Dragon Ball Z or the one where Naruto finally gets a handle on his nine-tailed fox rush through your veins.Jump Force Beta

You are really going to live for those anime fights. As of now, all these anime fights have mostly appeared within their own universes. But as of now, you will get to bring these characters out into the same fighting game and have them battle it out for real.

Jump Force Beta is an actually a 3vs3 Tag Battle fighting game which you can play on a circular 3D plane akin to the Naruto Storm games, which means that you will select an opening fighter and two other characters to be tagged in at any time during a fight.

Also, all the three of your fighters share the same health bar, so tagging fighters in is less about extending your health pool and more about allowing you to pull off cool tag team combos or managing matchups.

When Does Jump Force Come Out?When Does Jump Force Come Out

Well then don’t be surprised to hear that the wait is over. Jump Force Game is scheduled to launch in February 2019. Though as of now, there is no hard release date set just yet, it will very soon be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC once it finally arrives.

And yes, you can pre-order the game at Amazon.com right now for $59.99. So the wait is almost over to download & install the game on your device.


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