Description Of Just A Line APK

This is yet another Experiment by AR (Augment Reality). This application is brilliantly designed in order to create basic drawing samples by its operator, and then your creation could be shared with a video.

This application enables you to makes fascinating drawing patterns with friends and family in Augment Reality. After drawing all It takes is to hit on record and now you are eligible to share what you have created on Just A Line APK.

How To Draw With A Friend On Just A Line Application

The Feature at which one can actually draw with a friend on Just A Line, might not be highly unknown but it’s a simple process. And when exhibited the process becomes more interesting.

Firstly, in order to carry out this process, both friends need to keep their phones side by side, mustn’t necessarily be too close to each other.just a line apk

Then the next step should be tapping on the partner icon by both friends. Then a connection process would start, once both partners are connected the same drawing would be at your disposal, now its time to draw.

Permission Required By Just A Line Application

Camera: Your mobile device’s Camera must be capable of allowing you to draw in the Augment Reality and also enable you to record videos efficiently.

Microphone: must enable you to record the video of the drawings you make efficiently.

File manager: must enable you to save videos of already made or recorded videos.

Nearby: Your device must be capable of connecting with another partner when nearby.

Source At Which You Can Download Just A Line Application For Free

You don’t need to go surfing or researching on platforms or websites at which you could download JUST A LINE app or IOS from. A detailed information on that would be found down below, all you have to do is read through.

Just A Line would be found on All that is required of you is to click on the link, inscribe the App name in the search box, it would automatically display. Then you can download.Just A Line Application

Installation Process

In order for you to install the application on your android mobile device, your storage space must be compatible with the App, if you barely have enough memory space on your smartphone, there would be a decline in the installation process.

In order to install, all it takes is to click on the Application after downloading, you’d be asked to install then you accept, the installation process would start. After the installation process is complete. Go back to your home screen, you would find the Application Icon, click on it and now you can enjoy to the fullest of the Application.


JUST A LINE AR Application was created solely for the purpose of Entertainment, which could be enjoyed by more than one party or person. It builds the intellect and the creativity of the operator, thereby increasing their level of imagery senses.

This app is a good fit during a relaxation period, with a spouse or any friend entirely, and it could still serve for your own personal excitement.

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