What is the Khelo India App?

During the Parliament Youth Festival, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the new sports app for the youngsters of the country named – Khelo India App.

These days as we are seeing that children are more involved in the gadgets than in the sports activities and therefore, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) decided to launch this app which will help in creating awareness among the children about the importance of the sports and activities.

The app will help the school and also the parents to find out how to fit their kids are. The app also helps in finding where all there are options for playing and how or what are the ways of making your child play.

Khelo India App

What are the Features of the Khelo India App?

Once you download and install the app in to your devices, go to the icon and click it to find different options in the app. But before that you will have to register in to the app with your email id and create a password. You can register as an individual or if needed the schools can register as a whole and check the fitness of all their students.

The schools can get themselves registered by using http://schoolfitness.kheloindia.gov.in and get themselves registered from this portal of the school.

So, once you have registered, you can take the test to assess the fitness of the students. When taking the test, you will be able to find the options like BMI, flexibility, Stamina, Speed, Strength, Balance and Coordination.

These are the levels on which your fitness will be measured and rated as such. There are rating which will be done on the basis of the initial position and final position of any of the tests you would do.

How to Download and Install the Khelo India App?

The Khelo India App is for the nation as a whole and is available on Google Play Store for download. Just login Google Play Store and download and install the app into your Android devices.

You can then just register by entering your email address and creating a password using which you will be able to use the app from then easily. Schools can get themselves registered by clicking on the link provided above and if any queries, then you will need to email your doubts to the address: [email protected]

What are the details of the game?

In How to Play section, the child will get complete info from the beginners point of view and through the animated videos which will help them understand the game better.

  1. The Where to Play section will provide the students or the parents info about which all places in his or her city has got the facilities of the sporting.
  2. The last section which is the Get Fit section has got 8 tests which will help to rate the level of the fitness of the child.
  3. The app is available in both English and in Hindi which will be convenient for all the users in the country.

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