Kodak Mobile Film Scanner App

There was a time when we use Kodak cameras to click out a special moment. It was the time when clicking photo was not easy as camera roles allow a limited number of photos. Many of us might have old black and white photos or colour photos that show our special moments in life. But if you are willing to get it in your mobile phone to preserve for the lifetime, go for the “Kodak mobile file scanner app”.

This pap emerged as a boon for all such people who feel nostalgic looking at all such photos. But with this app, they can get all such photos scanned and get them in their device. Further, you can store at Hard disk or upload to cloud to get permanent storage of your olden days.

Kodak Mobile Film Scanner App

What is Kodak mobile file scanner app?

It is a photo scanner app that will make it easy to scan old film material. This app is designed especially for people who are willing to store their memories for a lifetime. This app has a backlight scanner that can scan black and white photos and even negative in your mobile device.

It also has an editor that will make easy to crop, colour and adjust contrast to the scan photos. Once you are done with all change save in your phone gallery to share with friends and family. This photo can make everyone nostalgic, and it is one of the reasons for its growing popularity.

The app is quite easy to use, and the quality of the photos is dependent on the smartphone and film material. The construction of the app is done very smartly and does not require any external scanner to scan photos. This app is very similar to the “Kodak Mobile Film Scanner App”, but the app does not need to make any investment.


  • The interface of the app is straightforward to use. It has options like a colour negative, black and white negative, colour positive so that the app comes to know the type of photo you’re about to scan.
  • The app is available at the play store and app store for free. So, everyone can install the app in their device and scan all their old film material on their smartphone.
  • The old photos can be given a new look with the help of colour contrast and cropping. It is even possible to make black and white photos colourful with the colour adjustment option.
  • It has a backlight that would make easy to scan the photos. The working of the app is quite similar to the KODAK scanner.
  • Users can save all the scan photos to phone gallery after all adjustment. One who does not wish to make a single change in the photo can save directly to the gallery and share with their loved ones.


  1. Why use Kodak mobile file scanner app?

We all have old fashioned film material that consists of our memories. So, if you are willing to store it for the rest of your life, scan all photos in mobile through the app and cherish the olden days. The app is equipped with features that help to colour and contrast scanned photos.

  1. How to download the app?

Kodak mobile file scanner app is available on both Google play store and even the App Store. It is available at free of cost for both Android and iOS. So, if you too are willing to access your old film material, install the app from the respective store.

Users will get new experience as they can quickly scan all their old photos and store memories in their device with the app. So, anytime you feel nostalgic, no need to look out for photos as everything would be available in your device. If you too are willing to store your olden memories, install the app and scan photos in your device.