What Is Kodi Solution APK?

Kodi Solutions Apk is an application designed to provide fun and excitement to users at an affordable rate of $5 on a monthly basis. This app is listed in the Entertainment category on Google Play Store, an awesome app that has a huge number of downloads.

Of course, the latest version of Kodi Solutions APK is for General use (for everyone). Kodi Solutions Apk is specially designed for TV box, it could also be used on other internet-connected devices. Download now, it’s fast and easy, available on Android devices. After registering, you will be assigned two sets of passwords. One is for accessing your online support panel while the other is used to login to Kodi Solutions on the app.

Kindly visit the app’s website for more information.

Installation and Download Tips on Kodi Solutions Apk

Kodi Solutions Apk is available on all Android devices, download now on Apple and Google Play Stores. For successful Download, APK file should be installed on your device. The app moves the apk file to your Android SD card, then selects preferred file manager to browse & install. Kodi Solutions can also be downloaded using big box player replacing android devices.

Kodi Solution APK

Android Box users can also use the download manager within ES File Explorer installed by Google Play Store. However, users of Kodi Solutions Apk are implored to make use of VPN while streaming TV shows and movies online. VPN; ensures protection against intrusion by the government and the NSA spy.
The following steps should be taken for a successful download and installation on Android devices:

Open Kodi Solutions. Press settings. Press System setting. Turn on Unknown sources. Press back on remote to go back to the System page. Press File Manager, Press Add source, Press  <None>
Type the URL – https://kodisolutions.tv/repo   Press OK
Highlight the box under the source that you just typed in and enter a name for this media source, type name for identification. Press  OK, Press back button on remote till it returns to Kodi home screen. Press Add-ons menu item, Press the small “open box” icon at the top left side of the page, Press Install from the zip file, Press and give selected name assigned to media, Press repository.ksolutions.zip file.
Wait for Kodi Solutions Repository add-on enabled message to appear. Press Install from Repository. Press Kodi Solutions Repository. Press Videos. Press Kodi Solutions. Press Install and Wait to receive Kodi Solutions installation message.

Enter your Kodi Solutions IPTV username and password.

Kodi Solution APK Download

Features Of Kodi Solutions Apk

Kodi Solutions APK is an affordable app.

  • It requires a subscription with the sum of $5.
  • It doesn’t involve any form of contractual agreement.
  • This great App features over 2,000 channels in HD Qty.
  • Access to all popular sports season.
  • It’s a remote-control friendly App.
  • The password can be set in the adult section.
  • Works great with VPN.

Facing Technical Difficulties?

If technical difficulties arise, Kodi Solutions users should follow the steps listed below:

  1. Go to home screen
  2. Click settings
  3. Click Player settings
  4. Move to the bottom, change the Basic mode to Advanced.
  5. Move to Videos
  6. Locate “Processing”
  7. Turn OFF “Allow hardware acceleration”
  8. Change Enable HQ scalers for scaling above 10%.

Feel free to enjoy Kodi Solutions App on Android devices, download available on Google Play and App Stores.


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