What is Ladang Emas Apk?

ladang emas apk pinjaman online, tunai impian apk, hidup yak apk, Ladang Emas Apk or the Fields is one of the online loan applications in Indonesia which has now come up and is slowly started to become very popular amongst its individuals.

The loan is being offered at a very competitive interest rate of 3% per month which has got the most minimum repayment period of 60 days and a maximum of 90 days. If you have been trying to get a loan for yourself be it for any purpose, then this apk is just for you.

The Ladang Emas application is also one of the fastest solutions for you when you are in any kind of financial crisis and facing an urgent need of money where the conditions can get or are very easy.

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All you will need to do is only attach a KTP and other supporters and the app takes a maximum 2×24 hour analysis process and yes, after that it can be immediately liquidated into your account. Surprising, right?

Ladang Emas Apk
Ladang Emas Apk

After this procedure, you will receive an SMS 1 day in advance which will make sure to remind you of the maturity of your loan and then you will receive an SMS stating that the payment has been received once your payment has been made and received by the app’s system. The payment method is also very simple and can be done is a very few steps or just contact the customer service.

Gold Fields makes sure that it will maintain your confidentiality of the customer data by not giving out any of your details to unauthorized parties as they have set in the privacy statement. Therefore, no doubt, this is one of the best loan solutions for anyone in need.

How to download the Ladang Emas Apk in to your android device?

 You can download the Ladang Emas Apk in to your android device from their official website and then install it. If you cannot install the apk, then you will need to enable downloads from unknown sources from the settings tab on your mobile or any device and then get started with the app to meet your solutions.

How to use the various products in the Ladang Emas Apk?

First download the app from the official link or download the application directly from the Google Play Store. The app has also got one of the best service experience and excellent customer service in answering everyone’s problems or services.

Then, fill out the basic personal information, contacts and job info and then verify the OCR. Finally, you will need to fill in the destination account information for the disbursement.

Therefore, this is the one stop app where all your loan problems will get resolved. This is the only app where you will get the loan at the very nominal rate. If we explain a simple loan transaction, it will be like:

For example, if you chose a loan amount of IDR 700,000 of an interest rate 14%, then on you will need to pay 700,000 * (1 + 14%) = 805,000 on the due date.


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