About Lasso APP

The Lasso APP helps you to connect with your crew when and where it matters with the most. With the use of this app, you can send your crew new job opportunities as well as you can now easily inform them about the schedule, confirmation and also get to communicate with them throughout your gig with ease.

The app helps your workforce to access new opportunities, submit their availability for jobs and get to view the upcoming schedule and also to get the latest and greatest job details and instructions through this Lasso mobile APP.

The LASSO platform is getting wider and revolutionizing contingent workforce management by making the streamline vital labor processes such as onboarding, scheduling, communication, time tracking and more at the ease.

Download Lasso APP

The LASSO app is available for download on your android mobile or tab from the Google Play Store for free. Also, you can download it from the App Store for your Apple devices. And in case you do not have any f these then just log on to their website to get access to the same.Lasso APP

It has always been a headache to manage contingent and the mobile event crews. But with the use of the RDR2 LASSO app, you will be able to automate labor processes, which will give you more control, more time and also more access to the data which will make more informed labor and business decisions.

Install Lasso APP

Whether you have an android, IOS or any system, you can now get in touch with the LASSO app from Google Play Store, App Store or get access to it from the website. Once you have successfully downloaded the app, get started and install the app for a quick and controlled usage.Lasso Mobile APP

The LASSO app will help you in your official matters whether you need to have an end to end workforce management solution or just the parts of it; LASSO has a solution for all. Red Dead Redemption 2 Lasso Application is just more than any normal crew scheduling software we have always been hearing of.

The Lasso APP

LASSO was created after successful interviews with more than 350 industry-leading event production companies. Therefore, LASSO correctly fits into all your specific needs in the industry. The few services that LASSO provides is streamlining you on your onboarding, getting mobile signatures, communicating better, get a better budget, get to track your time better or be it whether to pay better and many more.

Get chilled and forget the need to make hundreds of phone calls, send thousands of messages just because you need to communicate and figure out who is available about all the event details.Lasso APP Download

Once you have got in touch with the latest version of LASSO APK, you will get immediate access to who is booked, for what, where and when so that you can focus to more of your important tasks. Get to make calculated crewing decisions and get to put all of them on the same page. Also get to see who is already booked and effortlessly communicate job opportunities, traveling, itineraries and event details with your crew members.


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