Lebensmittelampel App [2019 Latest Version] For Android, iOS

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What is Lebensmittelampel app?

lebensmittelampel tabelle pdf: The Lebensmittelampel App my food light is the simplest and most objective app for a healthy diet. With the app, you can lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight based on dietary recommendations that have been personally determined for you.

The app my food traffic light is very easy to understand thanks to the food traffic light. It works like a personal nutritionist you always have with you when you need it.

Based on food samples for nutrients (fat, saturated fatty acids, sugar & salt or even sodium) and calories, the Lebensmittelampel App lets you recognize healthy foods for a healthy diet. Calorie counters and barcode scanners are superfluous because the food stalls for all foods directly indicate whether they are healthy for you or not.

Nutritional information on a food contains nutritional recommendations that are limited to the diet of an average woman with a daily calorie requirement of 2,000 kcal. Unlike traditional diet apps, the app does not just provide my food traffic lights with standardized nutritional and nutritional recommendations.

Lebensmittelampel App

Standardized Nutrition Tables do not fit your personal calorie needs and are not optimal for your health because every person has different nutritional needs! Based on your life circumstances, the Lebensmittelampel App identifies my food light, such as a personal dietitian, based on extensive scientific research (such as the World Health Organization) to provide personalized nutritional recommendations for your well-balanced diet.

Thanks to the use of scientific studies, the results that the Lebensmittelampel App detects for my calorie needs, for example, are not the only objective but also much more accurate than the results of other apps.

In the meantime, “Food Check” has grown far beyond the mere signage of traffic lights and contains a fully-fledged shopping guide for hectic everyday life. The new nutritional information (as they must be binding on each product by 2017 at the latest) has also been added and you can now quickly switch between the details of the packaging and the traffic light view.

“Food Check” users can therefore view the traffic light colours or the corresponding nutritional value table for more than 25,000 popular branded foods from Germany, Austria and Switzerland (including regional specialties).

It shows quickly: traffic light marking & the printed nutritional values ​​complement each other perfectly! Within seconds you can see what the inconspicuous numbers in red/yellow/green dots really mean. Fat, salt or sugar bombs are removed from the camouflage and it is clear what ends up exactly in the cart.

Thanks to the interactive slider, it is also possible to adjust the personal consumption quantities. Thus, for example, on the indication of the individual daily need, also understandable if perhaps the small pack or a piece of chocolate does not fit into the daily schedule yet.

By the way, each user can deposit the daily requirement personally. He is guided through a menu and gets his daily calorie limit calculated after answering only four questions.

The Lebensmittelampel App can do even more! Especially diabetics, hypertensive patients or people with cardiovascular problems now have completely new ways to make their purchases and their diet.

The Lebensmittelampel App makes it easy to create multi-meal meals and check out how your favorite breakfast or local recipe cuts it off. In particular, the salt and sugar values ​​are often very informative and the traffic light can help to reduce personal consumption, without sacrificing enjoyment.

All nutritional values ​​are also easily apparent here. Live healthier, get leaner and feel better, without diet and a guilty conscience. Begin a healthy life when shopping with “Food Check”, so that the real diet is not even necessary!

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