Legion Anime Apk

Legion Anime Apk
Legion Anime Apk

If you are a person who loves watching movies, series, or shows on mobile various apps can make it possible. Many of us like to watch cartoons and so there are special apps that show such anime series from all over the world. One who loves watching Japanese cartoons and anime series can now enjoy it on the mobile device with the “Legion Anime Apk” app. It is one of the best apps that comes with all the seasons of Anime series for free.

What is Legion Anime?

Legion Anime Apk Download
Legion Anime Apk Download

Legion Anime Apk is an entertainment app that allows watching Japanese cartoons and anime series on your device. It has countless series that includes old and latest series. This app is one of the best apps when it is about Japanese cartoon series as the long collection with every episode can make one stay engaged with it. The app allows us to watch chapters online with stable internet connection but there is also to download it to watch without the internet.

The interface of the app is quite easy to understand and it comes with some of the best series that can give unlimited fun and enjoyment to everyone. You can watch the series which are currently broadcasting and thus make yourself stay updated without missing anything. The app is available for free so that everyone can use it and enjoy the Japanese animation series.

How to install Legion Anime Apk in the device?

install Legion Anime Apk
install Legion Anime Apk
  • First, you need to download files from https://apkpure.com/legi%C3%B3n-anime/aplicaciones.paleta.legionanime/download?from=details and store at some location in your device.
  • It is a third party installation and so you need to make changes in the settings of your device. Go to android settings -> security -> Enable” Unknown Sources”.
  • Navigate back to the folder where your apk file is downloaded and click on it to start the installation process.
  • Wait for a few seconds to complete the installation process in the device.

On success, you can enjoy various Japanese anime series on your mobile and thus can entertain yourself in free time.


Legion Anime Features
Legion Anime Features
  • It comes with a built-in player and so there is no need to have some external player to watch the cartoon series.
  • To give the best watching experience the app comes with high definition HD quality videos with good sound.
  • The interface of the app is simple and yet attractive. One can easily find all options that are available in the app.
  • Users can follow all the current broadcast of series and thus don’t miss anything.
  • The app sends a notification when every new chapter of eh series in been added. It will help users to stay updated and don’t miss anything.
  • If you find some anime series very entertaining and willing to watch it again download all the chapters to enjoy without an internet connection.
  • The app comes with the option to create a favorite list where you can add the series on your list. So, next time it becomes easy to get to your favorite series.


  1. How to solve any problem with Legion Anime Apk?

Legion Anime Apk comes with a support team that is always ready to help their users. There is an option to chat with them and even users can mail if there are any issues regarding any amine series or missing chapter.

  1. Why install Legion Anime Apk?

Legion Anime is an entertainment app where you can watch Japanese anime series for free. Developers are open for your suggestion and this makes it the best app as most of these suggestions are implemented or in progress.

  1. How to get statistics for each chapter?

Legion Anime is not about showing HD videos of anime series but also have the option to consult statistics. It includes the date of issue, number of episodes, etc.

Legion Anime is one of the best entertaining app today that allows t enjoy Japanese anime series on your mobile device. The app is simple and has a long list of options in the box. You can say updated with all the latest carton series and also manages your favorite and currently the following list. It is one complete app that can keep you entertaining for hours and thus make your leisure time relaxed.