What is the Lit Lot App?

Many people were spending their time creating videos for the TikTok app but due to the ban, everything has stopped. It is a platform where people can show their creativity to other people by creating short videos with voice over and filter. So, for such people don’t get disappointed as India has come up with their apps where you can get every useful feature and is completely safe. One such app that is gaining good popularity is “Lit Lot App” that is gaining a good fan following and is quite similar to TikTok.

Basic Details Of LitLot APK

Apk Size36 MB
Android Version Requires5.0 and up
UpdatedJune 20, 2020
Content RatingRated for 12+

Screenshots of LitLot App

How To Use Lit Lot App?

Lit Lot App is an Indian app that helps to create short videos with music and give it a new look with different filters. Everyone can use the app with easy and apply various effects to gives the feel to videos. These videos can be saved in mobile and be shared on various social media platforms with hashtag like “#LitLotApp # IndianApp”. It is very funny creating such videos as many people can try out the hidden talent and creativity to create videos.

In a short period, app has gained good popularity and so developers are working to bring out some new features. This app is available in Google play store and so you are just required to type the name “LitLot” in the search box and click on the search button. This will show the app and clicking on it will help to install in your device.

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  • Recording: Users can record short videos with the help of front and back cameras. The video can be of 15 – 60 seconds.
  • Speed: The app has the option to adjust the speed of the videos it means you can adjust while recording or even after the videos are recorded.  It is possible to create slow-motion or reverse videos with this feature.
  • Music: You can add any type of music in the recorded video and give it a new feel. The music can be selected from the playlist of your device.
  • Filters: To give unique look there are various filters in the app. It is very easy for all to apply these filters to the recorded videos.
  • Effects: Various effects can also be added to make videos more impactful and it can be done while recording or even after recording.
  • Timer: You can set up the timer in the app so that the app will record accordingly when you are ready for it.
  • Drawing: App has a unique option to have the freehand drawing in the recorded video. It means you can draw or even add gesture that will add stars to videos.
  • Beauty: The app is built with AI technology so that it identifies the face and add beauty based on it. It will increase your beauty level and make it look professional.

Which new features would be coming in Lit Lot App?

As the Lit Lot App is launched in June 2020 itself some updated features would be added with time. This would help users to fulfil all their requirements and get something more than TikTok. Some of these upcoming features are:

  • The app does not have an option to watch videos of other people and so in coming time developers would bring an option to watch videos created by others. It would also have the option to like, comment and even download the video.
  • It would also have a video uploading feature so that your talent can be shown to the world and give real feedback from people.
  • The coming version would also allow you to create your profile so that it would become easy to manage created videos. It would also help to follow other creators and enjoy their videos.


  1. Is LitLot a safe app?

This app is developed by an Indian company and it is safe to install the app. As all Chinese apps are banned in India, this Indian app will entertain people.

  1. How to download the app?

LitLot is available on google play store and it is completely free. So, everyone can easily download the app from the play store and start creating videos with its features.

In all LitLot is one of the best alternatives to TikTok where people are free to create videos using filters, effects, music. These videos can be shared on Instagram or Facebook and very soon you would be able to show you talent to the world with video uploading feature. Everything is available for free and so people are creative can take it as a platform to explore talent.