What Is Love Island APP?

Prepare your smartphones people, clear out all the boring stuff, paveway because Love Island App is here and ready for download. If you haven’t downloaded the app, what are you waiting for?  Try it, it’s a wonder, the love island app is available for free on iTunes app store (Apple iOS) and play store (android) respectively, its very easy.

Love Island has an extremely large audience of over four (4) million people, with millions more watching online, the programme has given hope to Britain’s television industry, the take-home prize is $50,000 and other juicy offers.

A great show,  in total fairness, it has brought about the maintenance of massive audience across social platforms with an audience of over three (3) million people on Instagram, it aids easy download especially in this smartphone era, over 260,000 official Love Island engraved water bottles have been sold.

Wow!  Since the show aired, a cultural significance has been achieved, it keeps the Young audience glued to their TV screens every night,  it’s like a ritual. Its production company ITV Studios has raked in a lot of cash, airing the show across the world.

Love Island App

Features Of Love Island App

The Love Island Game App is so cool, love Island viewers can actually take part in all public votes via the app, voting is required to keep islanders on their toes and tensed. However,  it should be noted that the voting section; is the most important feature on this app the tension created over who leaves and who remains can be so exciting and suspense filled. Voting does not cost a dime, although an iTunes account is required for access. Voting is power, the power to make or break.

It also features a page where items are displayed for purchase, links have been created for easy patronage. Items such as the iconic Love Island water bottle goes for just £15, personalized phone pouch for £10, bikinis and much more.

An additional feature is; The Feed, it features the Island’s coverage across social networks; Instagram, Twitter etc. Customised emojis wrecked attached to every post, for instance; pineapple shape,  laughing face, donut/shocked face and an angry face to react with.

Remain updated on hot and exclusive news and trending acts in the villa all on this app! catch some fun viewing the activities of the Islanders coupled with daily gists delivered on your smartphones or tablet. The app also creates the ability to listen to the official love island morning after podcasts daily. Yay!  What more can you ask for?  I’m so excited.

Love Island APK

How To Download Love Island Apk

You have your own choice to download the app from the App Store. But if you are looking for the APK file to download for your Android device then you have to visit love4apk website or its official website to find an APK file.

After downloading the apk file you can install it on your Android device without many efforts.

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