What is LoveSTV App?

We are all aware that with the changing time, even we must change ourselves. Therefore, with the changing time, it is needed that our traditional television adapts to the new times.

Although, many users demand to be able to consume the content at any time and not be subject to linear programming, this is the reason why the HBB TV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband) technology which was introduced years ago, was a system where through a button on the television remote we were able to access an extra menu with on-demand content.

The television groups in our country that previously opted for this tool, by pressing the red button on the remote. Similarly, Spain has come up with the LoveSTV App, which is a service announced last June and that recently has begun its deployment by all compatible TVs.

This is a content platform which has been promoted jointly by RTVE, Atresmedia and the Mediaset Spain and it has been mainly brought forward to add value to the television offer and to get a better user experience when consuming content.LoveSTV App

How to Activate LoveSTV App?

The new service which has been deployed and should reach compatible TVs in the coming days. Will be mainly compatible with the HBB TV technology 1.5 or higher. All the major brands such as LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony or Vestel will be compatible and you will not need to install any extra applications. They will soon bring forward the full list of compatible models with it, but most televisions of recent years should not have any problems.

All you need to do to access the Descargar LoveSTV is that you have to press the blue button of the television remote control. Remember to do this only in the compatible chains as otherwise it might not work. Also you will be able to see that in some models, the option will be already activated, while in others it will still be necessary to wait for the new service to be activated. The yellow button also will start the scene and by pressing it, you will start the program from the beginning.

Get Started!

Once the LoveSTV is activated, a message will appear where you need to accept the conditions of use. After which, you can view the contents of the last week, start a program from the beginning or see the recommended content. You may not be able to select the exact playing time of the program if it is still live. You will see that the future of LoveSTV como funciona is surely towards the digitalization of the service.

Also, the present advertising will try to replace digital ads and even consider registering users to be able to save recommendations. As of now, LoveSTV es gratis is a service that has begun and the only data that will be obtained is the audience. They have a long way to go and offer an alternative that can might be streaming services such as Netflix, HBO or YouTube.


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