About Magia Record English Apk

Magia Record English Apk: Magia Record English Apk is a Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story which has been developed by f4samurai. It is published by the Aniplex in USA and Canada. It is the world of girls who become magical girls as it is the games in which they are bound with a duty to fight a battle with witches to live a safe life.

They are also provided with wishes which are granted and make a contract. Magia Record English Apk pre-registration campaign was ended with 25,000 players. In the game all players were provided with 200 Magia Stones and Glasses (Homura Akemi) it is for a game server to go live.

The game of Magia Record has been playing an important role in the market of North America and it is still surprising to explore the most famous anime based games which have taken the long process for showing localization.

In Magia Record English Apk, you will explore something strange things have been started happening in the burgeoning city which also known as Kamihama. You will find that Magical girls have started gathering as they were forced by some type of mysterious one. They have to fight the endless battle for ensuring their availability. The game shows the power of girls who are fighting for their lives.

Magia Record English Apk
Magia Record English Apk

The best things about Magia Record English Apk are it can be installed or download on Android devices as well as on iOS. Users can easily download the game from the play store. It is the game which is turn-based mobile RPG which is similar to the mechanics to fate/ Grand Order.

Has Ui been erased from existences? is the line in which Iroha Tamaki a Magical Girl who is trying to figure out that what has happened to her sister. If I can figure out what going on here, I might be able to save Madoka. It is the line in which Homura Akemi is also a Magical girl who is searching a way so that she can save her most precious friend. In this way when both feelings get intersect a new hope born.

Gameplay Of Magia Record English Apk

In Magia Record English Apk, you can easily create your own team of Magical girls and could fight for their living which forms a way through the story. The game has Utilize Disks is a Commands, Skills, and Magia which is known as special attacks used during the most difficult battles and to win it.

Three stories of Game

In Magia Record English Apk, you can explore three adventure different story which features the 30 unique Magical girls.

  • Main Story

In this Iroha search for her sister

  • Another story

In this can travel with Madoka and her friends by passing through the different timeline.

  • Magical Girl Story

In this, you will able to explore more about the Magical girl and could fight the battle in their unique story.


Magia record game is free to play but it also available with some items which you have to purchase. Those will help you in many different ways.