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October 24th, 2018 was the date when the Self4Society – Mai Nahi Hum App was launched by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is a new initiative that is launched to connect the masses with the Government using social media. Now the people can not only connect to their Government through the website self4society.mygov.in, the citizens can also connect by just downloading Self 4 Society APP from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store.

This society works on the theme of ‘Self For Society’. This app will enable the IT professionals and the organizations to work for social problems. The main aim of the Main Nahi Hum Application is to help the weaker section of the society to gain help in using the technology.

During the launch of I to we app, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed to the various IT professional and also the IT employees and also the electronic equipment companies.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also claimed that a person would not be a victim of any propaganda if he or she is very well informed on social media. “I am associated with social media for a long time, and hence, no information could directly affect me. I dig the facts myself on social media,” he added.Main Nahi Hum APP

However, as we are all aware that before the launch of Main Nahi Hum APP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also launched Post Payments Bank App ( IPPB App) which helps to provide more facility of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) services.

By the use of this app, users can create its bank account online in less than 1 minute without any documents. Also, the user can deposit or withdraw cash from your home without the visit to the bank. Along with this facility, customers are also able to avail micro ATM, IVR, mobile banking, net banking and also SMS service.

The users can download Main Nahi Hum App to avail all features of the Main Nahi Hum App which is easily available for all mobile phones and for also other device users which has android, IOS and also a PC. Users are able to download this app on its mobile phone by Play store or iTunes Store free of cost. All you need to do for downloading the Main Nahi Hum App is just follow these steps.Self 4 Society APP

How Download Main Nahi Hum APP?

All of the Android users can get connected to the app easily after connecting to the mobile internet. All they need to do is log on to the Google Play store and download Main Nahi Hum application. Also, the app is available for the Apple users, which they get to download easily from the App Store.

Start by clicking on the Google Play store where you will find this app. Next click on Install or download button after which open and start off by registering the app. Now you can go to the home page and select the tab new join. Get yourself registered, if your new user. Now you have to enter your details like Email id, Number, name, and all others details. Start off using Main Nahi Hum mobile app.Download Main Nahi Hum APP

How To Install Main Nahi Hum?

The Main Nahi Hum app which has come up as an initiative to help a common man connect to his Government is undoubtedly the most unique and helpful app so far. The app also helps this common man to get in touch with the social media which he was unaware till now. To get the benefits of the app, all he needs to do is download and install the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

After the completion of the download process, the user needs to follow the steps of installation.

This portal works on the theme of “Self4Society”, which enables the IT professionals and organizations to put together all their efforts for the social causes, and service for the society, all in one platform.

Main Nahi Hum App

By bringing forward Main Nahi Hum APP, the main aim of the portal is expected to help in catalyzing a greater collaboration towards the service of the weaker sections of the society, mainly by leveraging the benefits of technology. It is also expected to generate in bringing forward the participation of the interested people who are motivated to work for the benefit of society. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet with all the key industry leaders in this regard.I to We APP

The Prime Minister will also be addressing a gathering which would be consisting of IT professionals, and employees of IT and electronic manufacturing organizations. Here the Prime Minister Narendra Modi would also be interacting with the gathering in a town hall-style format.

All the IT and electronic manufacturing professionals from about 100 locations across the country are expected to join the event even be it via video-conference. The main target of Main Nahi Hum APP is that it is expected to help and accelerate in the greater collaboration towards the service for the weaker sections of society, which will be done mainly by leveraging the benefits of technology.

The weaker sections are required to be more adaptable to the technology which can help them stay connected with social media. The portal also wants to bring forward all those weaker sections of the society whereby expecting to generate wider participation of the interested people who would be motivated to work for the betterment of the society.Main Nahi Hum Application

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will make sure to have a meeting with all the industry leaders and also be addressing a gathering which would consist of IT professionals and employees of IT and electronic manufacturing organizations.

It also expects to bring forward a wider participation of the common man who can be motivated for the betterment of the society.

It is also known that in the year 2011, the Prime Minister used the slogan “I No, We” which was given in February.

The Prime Minister also said that India’s youngsters are leveraging the power of technology wonderfully and that they are using technology not only for themselves but also for the welfare of others which is a wonderful sign.


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