What do you mean by the Mangadex App?

Aren’t we all among those who just love to download the YouTube videos for being able to watch them later? Don’t we all love to share videos with our friends of the popular songs or movies? But for being to able to do this, we would need a trusted app which can do all this for us.

The Mangadex does exactly all this for us. The Mangadex is a YouTube Downloader app which has been created mainly for people like for downloading YouTube videos directly to our mobile phone.

The app is very useful in being able to allow us to have the most favorite videos on the mobile and we just need an internet connection for doing this. After that, switch off your internet and watch your downloaded videos offline for free. Isn’t that great?

How can I download the Mangadex App on my Android devices?

The Mangadex App is not available on the Google Play Store because of the Google Rules. Therefore, we will need to download the app directly from the Official website of the Mangadex or from the various other websites which are available on the internet.

Mangadex App
Mangadex App

And in case you are a Windows 7 and Android 4.0+ user, you will need to simply connect the device to your computer and your mobile will appear as a removable drive. From here copy the apk into a folder in your device which you can easily locate.

And those of you who use Android 2.3 or 3.0, you can download the file directly from the Mangadex site. After you have downloaded the Mangadex App, open File Manager. In the File Manager, you will see “My Files” option, and then select “Folders.” Now you will need to open the folder where you had saved the apk and then click install to get the apk installed. 

But remember to have allowed installation of apps from unknown sources from your mobile settings or the Android OS will not allow such downloads in the device.

How can I download Mangadex App in my iPhone/ iPad?

Mangadex is an app which provides some of the smart features for downloading high quality videos from YouTube and also from many other sites available on the internet. The app also allows you to convert videos to audio files so that you only get the audios from the videos.

But as Mangadex is an android app therefore it is not possible for you to download the TubeMate on your iPhone, iPad, or iOS devices. But still you can make use of the apk for iPhone & iPad through an alternative method.

Mangadex App for iPhone/iPad/iOS is one of the best downloader apps in the digital market which is made available on our blog. Mangadex App is able to provide you with all the best features to download high-quality videos quickly & easily online. So even if by not using the apk, you can download into your iOS device directly from the website itself.


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