What is Mat Pratishat App?

From now the voting percentage on polling booths in the Vidhan Sabha Elections 2018 will be done by the reporting “vote percentage” mobile app. And the Mat Pratishat App recently released on the play store.

To pour out more information on the app, the Collector and District Election Officer, Grace P said that the “vote percentage” mobile app has been prepared by the Chief Electoral Officer mainly for the purpose of providing voting percentage information easily to the public.

How to Download and Install the Mat Pratishat App?

According to the Collector and the District Election Officer, Grace P, this app will be available on Google Play Store from November 26. The app will be used by Presiding Officer, Polling Officer no. 1 and Sector Officer. Anyone who wants to use this app will need to download Mat Pratishat App in their Android phone’s Play Store.

The Mat Pratishat App has been released In India, which is an Application for the Android & iOS devices and has been developed for the voting purpose. Thus, you can now download the application from the App Store and this will get all the new and the latest version for free, and you can download & install it very easily.Mat Pratishat App

You can also update the Mat Pratishat App is an update released, ensure, turn on the notification for more updates

Once you have downloaded the free app, the related user will be able to log in from his mobile number. For this purpose, each presiding officer and mobile number of the polling officer no. 1 will be mapped from their polling booth. Thus this app will only be used only for the mobile number registered for each respective polling station.

Entering the Correct Info Hourly

According to the collector, the voting day on the app will be held on the day of polling by the concerned Presiding Officer, Voting Officer no. 1 or Sector Magistrate which is from 9 am to 10 pm, 11am, 12 am, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, The numerical information of the male and female voters who voted at 4 pm, 5 pm and finally voting on their polling booths will be sent.

Each and every hourly report will be sent on the app which will be collected at the server located at Bhopal headquarter and which will be displayed as a percentage of voting in all the major locations.

They also said that the latest version of the mobile Mat Pratishat Apk file will normally work in the online mode. And even if there is no internet network, the data recorded on the mobile app in offline mode through SMS service will be collected in a Bhopal based server.

Thus, all the voting information will be available from all the polling stations. This mobile app will be a very useful source which will help to inform the public about the various voting percentages.


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