What is Mega Shows APK?

Mega Shows APK is an app that enables you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows directly with the help of your Smartphone. Mega Shows has received a wonderful response from the users of this app.

The Mega Shows App has the ability to directly stream Movies and TV shows. The app has almost anything and everything to stream online. The feature which we truly need to appreciate though is that you have no need to purchase any subscription nor do you have to pay any fees to watch the content, something which gives it an edge over its rivals.

Mega Shows APK has a massive video library with all the content being updated on a regular basis. The app is a really good one, not just because it lets you to watch the content for free.

It is also because the theme is really elegant and browsing through this theme no less than a child’s play.

Mega Shows APK
Mega Shows APK

How to install Mega Shows APK in my Android Device?

Well if you are thinking that installing Mega Shows APK is a sort of a task, then you are wrong. There are 2 easy ways to install this app. The first one is by downloading and installing it from the Google Play store and iTunes App store.

The second option is to install Mega Shows App form an APK version. You can use our direct download link to install the APK of this app as well as follow the following steps.

I think you don’t need any instruction for downloading it from the Google Play store and the iTunes App store, do you? Well, these are the instructions for the installation of the APK of this app. 

You have to first Download Mega Shows APK using the download button. After that, store the app somewhere in your phone, then go to the settings, and enable the option Allow Installation from unknown sources.

Once you enable the unknown sources from your settings, read all their permissions that will be required by the app to be able to run on your device and then accept it.

Now, you should be able to see an install button. Click on this button to install the Mega Shows app. After you click on the install button, wait for a while and do not exit the settings until the installation success message will be shown to you. After the Mega Shows app will be installed, it will be ready to be opened for the first time from your app gallery.

FAQ of Mega Shows APK

Here are the questions that are asked by our visitors about this app.

  1. How can I Watch movies later if I am busy at the moment?

The Mega Shows APK has a feature called watch later in which you can go to that category and watch the movies anytime, anywhere. You can even download them and then view them, without any internet connection

We have tried to answer all your questions but if you still cannot find your question and its solution, then you can post it in the comments section down below.


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