What is the Messenger Dark Mode APK mean?

Messenger Dark Mode APK: Facebook Messenger is now out with its latest redesign feature and it has turned black. Messenger has been continuously changing its theme or tab lists and making newer improvements for its users.

Lately, had we seen that it had changed it tabs to just 3 sections where we could see chats, people and the discover tabs. This had made the use of the messenger much easier and we are now able to view the details of the tab more clearly.

Another change to the messenger was the colour gradient which is giving the chats more characters and we get to choose from the two available colours in the messenger itself.

How and where does the Messenger Dark mode work?

If you are not sure if the Messenger dark mode works in your mobile or tab, then you will need to find it out. How? That’s simple. Just log in to your Facebook Messenger and go to the ‘Me’ Section in the app.

Messenger Dark Mode APK
Messenger Dark Mode APK

If you are able to find any pop-up message saying that “while we are put the finishing touches on dark mode, it won’t appear everywhere in Facebook Messenger”

If your device supports this feature of Messenger, then your messenger will now turn from white and blue to a classier black and grey colour.

Of course, this is a feature which all have been waiting for some time, but it had been getting delayed and this was making the users upset about it.

How can you get the Messenger Dark Mode feature in to your devices?

To get this absolutely stunning feature in your mobiles, first you will need to download the Dark Messenger APK. Then click on the download complete notification in order to proceed the complete installation of the feature and sometimes, you might also need to give the permission to the app, from the settings tab of your mobile or any android device so that it allows installation from unknown sources.

Now click install to complete your installation and enjoy as you see your messenger goes dark and grey in the most stylish way.

Once the dark mode is active on your mobiles, you will be able to send moon emojis to your friends. The moon emojis are left facing crescent shaped moon icon and not your smiley moons. Your friends will be surprised to see moon emojis rain down in their message thread.

This is one of the features of the Facebook messenger which the users have been long waiting for and now that it is out everyone if very much excited and getting it downloaded and installed in to their devices. The outdated white messenger is long gone, and all want their glamourous dark theme of messenger to stand out.

The Messenger has surely impressed all of its users and it is sure to get thousands of downloads in no time. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get the theme added to our devices too.


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