My Scholarship Start App (Mi Beca Para Empezar App)

Mi Beca Para Empezar App – People living in Mexico City are fortunate to have various benefits to ordinary people. The Government is trying hard to make life easy for residents, so they have an app that encourages parents to give their children formal education. The main aims of this scholarship are to provide equal education right to everyone in the country and thus bring a revolution in thinking of people.

All beneficiaries can easily register themselves through the app. To make it easy, the Government has launched an android and iOS app to make it easy for recipients. If one is already registered with the app can also download the app and update all their required information.

The online registration of the program starts from August 14, and it is for the current year 2020-2021. The registration process can be done until the end of the year, and the amount will be deposited after one month of registration.

Mi Beca Para Empezar App
Mi Beca Para Empezar App

How to register with Mi Beca Para Empezar program through the app?

  • People living in Mexico City and looking out to get scholarship must make sure to download Mi Beca Para Empezar App.
  • After installation, they must enter their cell phone number to get the code for further process. Beneficiaries can also carry out the process through email addresses.
  • Next, the beneficiary must select the mayor’s office to know the location of the school. Also, enter the Work code (CCT)
  • You need to enter the level and grade of the student so that aid will be offered accordingly. You must also enter students’ CURP while registering with the program.
  • Proof of documents is also to be uploaded through the device. Take the photo of address proof, proof of enrolment for the current year, INE of the parents.

Uploading all these documents would make you register with the program. One who has already registered are required to update their information to the app. In any case, you are not having a mobile device, register through the official website.

Benefits of using Mi Beca Para Empezar App

  • The Mi Beca Para Empezar App will make it easy to register with the program. Beneficiaries are just required it upload all the required documents and fill information to get registered
  • People who are already with the program can also manage their cards by updating their information.
  • The app gives the option to pay remotely through the OR code.
  • It is easy to review and modify information through the app.
  • Cards can be managed through the app. Also, beneficiaries can lock and unlock their card with the help of this app.
  • If you cannot remember the balance of the card, don’t worry as the app will let you know the balance in the card.

Why the app is launched?

The current situation of the pandemic has made life difficult, and it is not advisable to go to any public place.SO, to help parents and make everything digitized Mexican Government came with the app for the scholarship program.

The app is currently launched on the play store and app store so that beneficiaries can easily install it in their device. It is effortless to register with the app and even maintain a card through it. Parents are not required to go to school to pay the fees as everything can be managed.

Thus it will make it easy to work and also manage everything within the device. So, no carrying our procedures to register with the program and paying school can be done remotely with Mi Beca Para Empezar App.

What are the criteria for getting the amount in the program?

The monthly deposit under this scholarship program is decided based on the child’s class.

  • At the preschool level, both girls and boys are allotted 300 pesos per month.
  • Girls and boys studying at the primary level will get 330 pesos monthly.
  • One who is enrolled with Multiple Attention Centres for preschool, primary or secondary, will be given 400 pesos per month.


  1. Why Government has introduced My scholarship to start?

The program offers financial help to parents who cannot afford the school fees of their children in Mexico. It would provide great support to school dropouts to get a basic education in primary and secondary. The main aim is to improve the educational system and help everyone reach their fundamental right to education in Mexico.

  1. What are any students already registered with the program?

My scholarship program is already running in Mexico, where many students are registered. But to make it more convenient Government has come up to introduce on a mobile platform. So, students who are already registered are required to renew through Mi Beca Para Empezar App by updating the required information.

  1. Who are eligible to get the benefit of the app?

People who have their children studying in the public school of Mexico City can only enroll themselves to get benefits. It is for students studying in preschool, primary, secondary level. The Government is also giving financial aid to students who are studying at Multiple Attention Centre levels.

This program is one the best way to give equal educational opportunities to students of Mexico City. Students who are unable to attend school due to the financial crisis can make it possible with this scholarship program.