About Mini Metro APK

The game Mini Metro APK is all about making subway maps. The game is about starting with just a few stations, which get connected with a bright and colorful track, and then you get to see more pop up over the coming time. The game aims at keeping the things running smoothly although the transit system rises to dozens of stops and to multiple lines.

Actually, the game started out as a browser-based prototype in 2014, even before it was being then fleshed out into a full-fledged PC game last year. And then last week the game launched on its ideal platform: which is the mobile.

How To Download Mini Metro APK?

You can now download Mini Metro APK for just a few bucks from the Google Play Store and get to start playing it.

You will get to see that each phase of the game played over the course of a week, is tracked in the top-right corner. And at the end of each week, you will be given new train totally of your choice of upgrades which will then include more tunnels for crossing waterways, an additional carriage for a train, a new metro line, or get to expand the capacity and improve the speed of a station.Mini Metro APK

It is you who will be deciding the upgrade and that will depend on your strategy for expansion and also the immediate needs for servicing your lines.

How To Install Mini Metro APK?

Once you have finished downloading Mini Metro APK, complete your process of installation and get started on to playing the game.

Mini Metro is more like an entertaining puzzle where you will have to perform actions very quickly. Although the essence of this game is quite simple, you will also have a city in which you should be building a metro. But the only problem or obstacle is that the city keeps constantly expanding, and therefore the movement cannot be stopped.

Therefore make quick movements as to where you want to spend an already small amount of resources. In this course of the growth, you also need to move the station, constantly changing the location of the tracks, and yes the random growth of the city will only make the game only more interesting!Mini Metro Game

The Mini Metro Game

Once you start playing is when you will understand what the game actually is. There is random city growth which will mean that each game you play is unique. There are 18 real-world cities which will be testing your planning skills and a large variety of upgrades so that you can tailor your network more beautifully and perfectly.

The normal mode is designed for quick scoring games, which will provide you with an unending relax, or get the Extreme for the ultimate challenge. Also, you can compete against the world every day with the Daily Challenges of the game. The game is so beautifully designed with color blind and night modes.

Also feel the touch of the awesome responsive soundtrack which has been created by your metro system, and wonderfully engineered by Disasterpeace. Get started to play now!


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