What is Monster Hunter Stories APK And Its GameFAQs?

In this tutorial, I will cover everything and I will try to answer all of your questions, and here is the question asked by many, what is Monster Hunter Stories APK, well it’s another spin-off most under the title.

The story has been developed because players had a genuine interest in the world of Monster Hunter Stories Game, so the team behind it wanted to explore an RPG. It could take a bunch to the settings pass people also loved the monsters so stories put a spotlight on them.

The story begins in rider village where you or your playable hero have completed a challenge that allows becoming a rider. You’re awarded this item cool kids must a loan from the village leader. Even embark on an adventure with your partner do intro RPG fashion, the story goes that a looming shadow approaches.

If we get to most of the serious change in the environment and this is where you as the writer come in the key lies within the occasional stone which has a hidden power now. The battle system in stories completely different to regular Monster Hunter games. As a more traditional RPG, it adopts a turn-based battle system where you fight using power technique and speed command options kind of like rock paper scissors.Monster Hunter Stories APK

Monsters have habits and if you pay attention to their movements you can work out which fighting style will be advantageous. As the hero, you can have a party of multiple monsters and in battle, you can fight together with them. It is worth noting though that in battle, the hero plays are more support role while the core attacks are dealt with the monster or the ottoman.

As they refer to Ottomans are friendly monsters that the rider can form bonds with they act on their own, but then also when certain conditions are met.

The rider and the Monster or the Ottoman can perform cooperative attacks, riders will have different attacks depending on the weapons they equipped and once the riders form too strong enough bond with the Ottoman. They can use their rider technique to dramatically increase their ability.

If you use the kiss on a stone, you are able to use stronger bond techniques which again will vary depending on the monster. Now you can also find Ottoman eggs around the world and if you bring these back to the village, you can raise them.Monster Hunter Stories

And the kind of monsters of the hatches will depend on the location you found the egg, different Ottoman actually has their own unique abilities and a time you can go to places you would not normally be able to use the Ottoman. There’s a number of different explorable areas in Monster Hunter Stories APK, you have the hunter village which is a seaside town where the hunters reside.

This is where you will find the markets and the Guildhall run by the guild master, the starter field is a plain landscape full of nature and some ancient ruins and there’s also a central valley where large monsters lay. And the top of that there are also some other locations which we’ll see more of in the future.

Below I have put Monster Hunter Stories Walkthrough video, so you can also watch it if you are confused and want to know about it in more details.




How To Download Monster Hunter Stories APK?

To download monster hunter stories apk, you have required to have an Android version 4.0 or higher than it. If you have the Android version which is required then you can download it simply by clicking on the download button that is pointed at below.

Once you click on it, the latest version of Monster Hunter Stories APK will be downloaded on your Android device, remember apk file only can be used on Android device and PC. So if you are an iOS user, so you can get it using the iTunes store for free, yes, you have heard right, its completely free to download and play.

But if you want more extra weapons and coins then you can buy it through its store, always download Monster Hunter Stories latest version on the Android version, and once you installed it, make sure to update it when the update releases. So I hope all of your questions are cleared.

Monster Hunter Stories Game

How To Install Monster Hunter Stories APK?

To install Monster Hunter Stories APK, you’ll have to change settings of your device in order to install it completely with safely. So, first of all, enable Unknown Sources by going to Device Settings > Security.

Once you do that, go back to File Manager and open download history or locate the downloaded Monster Hunter Stories APK file. Now open it and click on install button. Once its installed enjoy the game and have fun. You can enjoy the Monster Hunter Stories Game On PC, but to play it, you have to download and install Bluestacks Installer.

Once you have installed it on PC/Desktop, download Monster Hunter Stories APK file, and right click on it and open it with bluestacks installer. Now you have installed Monster Hunter Stories Game On PC.

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