What Is Mouse Toggle APK?

Today’s world has been very fast moving and technology-oriented for everyone. We all love to sit back on our cozy sofa and move the remote like a king or a queen. The makers of the Mouse Toggle APK have taken into consideration all this and have come up with an app which would not disturb our relaxation after a stressful busy day.

The Mouse Toggle serves to be the helping hand to all those of you who have always wished to have that they had a wireless mouse connected to the Android TV. The Mouse Toggle APK is a mobile application which serves as a Virtual Mouse for the Android TV and you can use this just as an ordinary mouse cursor works.Mouse Toggle APK

Getting Started:

Be sure that the original hardware remote is required for using this mobile app to work and it does not support any gamepads. This app needs to be paid and is available on the Google App Store for download. Mouse Toggle root apk was developed by Fluxii and its latest version is 1.52. Get to use your regular remote like a mouse and get to add a mouse pointer mode to the remote control for Android TV. After which your regular remote can click, long click and drag easily.


The following features would be needed for your remote to be converted into a wireless mouse.

  • An Android TV device.
  • An original hardware remote control.

Supported Devices:

NVIDIA Shield TV (all models are supported including the new 2017 versions), the Nexus Player and the Mi Box

It can easily auto-detect your devices and you could also set up the IP address manually.Mouse Toggle Root APK

This app is great for the fire TV and provides useful mouse control on Fire TV and Stick. This app is very much useful when compared to any other such app. This app works exactly as it has been advertised and is very helpful and user-friendly. It works well when the screen gets set to 1080p and the company provides with great customer service. Every Mouse Toggle App user would definitely opt for this app rather than buying a Bluetooth mouse or something more costly.

How Mouse Toggle APK Works:

Get started by installing the app on your mobile phone. Next, enter your Firestick IP address into the app and send the app to the Firestick using a button within the app. Double tap the play button, after which a little dot will appear and allow you to move the cursor up and down easily. A single tap on the play button allows you to bring back your remote to the normal mode. The mouse toggle apk feature will not work on the home screen of the fire for which you will need to use the remote.

The App is rated 5 stars by most of its users and has got thousands of downloads in the Google Play Store. The App is sure to get better in future and is already fast on the updates.

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