About Mr Beast App

There are many games today that are for fun and entertainment but there are some apps in the market that can help you to win money. This app is none other than MR Beast which is been launched by the popular You Tuber Jimmy along with MSCHF. Mr Beast app can help one to win $25000 by taking up the challenge and thus make money for free. Previously Jimmy has introduced many other challenges with the same app but it was for its friends but now viewers can take part in it.

What is Mr Beast app?

There are many unusual apps and one such is Mr Beast where you have to keep a finger on the app for the longest time. Participants are required to join the challenge to win the cash prize and it is about to commence from 30th June 2020 at 3 PM. Mr Beast app is all about having fun as you need to keep your finger on the app for the longest time. Certain prompts are to be followed to make sure there is no scope of cheating. 

This one-time game is getting a great response from viewers and so it is believed that there might be uncontrolled participants who will take up the challenge. As per officials, this game is not for android users and only iOS users can participate in the game. So, the app is available on the Apps store where viewers can download and install the app in their device and stake up the challenge to win a cash prize. 

Mr Beast App

How to play the game?

The team has worked very hard in the app so that no participant can cheat and take out the ash prize. To avoid any type of cheating the app requires uses to move the finger along with the moving circle. It means users have to stay alert if willing to win the game. You are required to slide the finger as prompted and make sure you do not take the finger up else you will be out of the challenge,

The participant who can keep their finger for the longest time will be the winner. The game will itself notify the winner at last and the team will also content you through mobile number. The game is just for fun but can help to win a good amount of cash. If you are quiet determent start the practice session where you can train yourself to manage finger on the app and follow all other instructions. Everyone can thus train themselves before the start of the challenge.

How to increase the chances of winning?

The Mr Beast App comes with a twist where the lost participant can vote for the prize money that is allocated to the winner. But still, if you have the spirit to play and win the game make sure to play the game with friends. Enable Bluetooth so that you can get extra lives in the game. The only condition is you and your friend must be at a distance of 6 feet and 10 feet to get the extra lives. The rules are very strict and the team has put great efforts to avoid any other type of cheating in the app.

Playing the game with friends can help to get 3 extra lives. So, if you take the finger form the app due to any reason there is a chance to get back in the game within 10 seconds. You can put your finger back on screen and still be part of the challenge. So, before starting the challenge make sure that phone calls or alarm don’t disturb you in the game.

Rules of the game

  • Participants who are willing to participate in the task must start the challenge from the date of commencement.
  • There is timely prompt in the game which is to be followed by every participant else they will disqualify. This task is to be fulfilled only by sliding the finger.
  • The final amount that is bene given to the winner will be voted by participants who are out of the game. It is also a one-time task but if any participant is very angry with the performance he or she can reduce the prize amount.
  • If the participant leaves the app for any reason like a phone call or an alarm they will be out of the game.
  • If you are playing the game with friends and Bluetooth is enabled there is a chance to get 3 extra lives. Both friends have to be connected and must be between 6-10 feet distance from each other to get this advantage. 

Many people around us are willing to participate in the challenge to win the cash amount. But this app depends on your patience and luck as even in you win the game and other participants vote for $0 as winning amount nothing can be done. This game is all about fun and built some sportsmen spirit among players. You are not required to pay anything to take up the challenge and thus everyone can participate in it. If you are quite sure and willing to win the money go for the challenge.