Max Mushrooms Pokemon

Mobile apps are not only for adults as many apps are designed especially for kids. One such app which helps kids to enjoy tooth brushing is the Max Mushrooms Pokemon. Kids usually don’t like tooth brushing and it becomes a very difficult job for parents but now with this app kids would enjoy it. This app is also released by Pokémon company for helping kids to start their day with brushing teeth and make it stronger. Kids who love Pokémon will surely love this app and start enjoying brushing.

The design and interface of the app are quite simple as this app is mainly to encourage kids for tooth brushing. Pokémon characters are very popular among kids and so getting it in the form of the app will enrage them to make smiles better. This fun game can help kids to fight against the cavity and make their teeth strong. The app is easily available on google play store and you can just download it for free.

This app has a positive impact on kids and now they have developed it as the habit. Parents can get stress free as the app teaches how to brush the teeth to make it germ free.

Features Of Max Mushrooms Pokemon

  • The app comes with various Pokémon characters so that kids can easily select their favorite ones.
  • To encourage kids for brushing their teeth it comes with different medals that could be earned by kids. These medals are givens based on brushing leaders and thus pushes them to earn medals.
  • The best part is this app will guide kids to brush their teeth. It will have children to understand about position of the toothbrush, how to make it reach till the last and strength required to brush the teeth. It uses Pokémon to demonstrate the brushing method that is more effective compared to parents.
  • It also allows us to set a reminder for brushing the teeth. This app also comes with timers’ thatch shows how much time you should take to brush the teeth.
  • Kids can take photos of them brushing the teeth and also decorate it with various stickers.
  • The app is quite simple to use and comes with attractive graphics that have a strong impact on kids.
  • Max Mushrooms Pokemon also comes with Pokedox so that kids can collect up to 100 Pokémon’s and store in this box.

The main aim is the app is to encourage kids and let them know about its importance. This app will show how they must brush the teeth to kill bacteria and make it strong. Kids can capture Pokémon while cleaning their teeth and this is one reason that makes the app very effective. Parents are just required to place the mobile along with the app in front of kids so that they can learn how to kill evil bacteria and improve their smile. Every parent can have this app in their device and make brushing teeth an enjoyable task of the day.