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Today short videos app is getting great popularity but with the ban of TikTok, many people are disappointed. But don’t get sad as many apps have the same features as TikTok and thus give you the option to show your talent to the world. One such app which allows us to create short videos along with dialogue dubbing, lip-sync videos and much more is “TakaTak”. This is an Indian app which works almost the same as TikTok and can give you unlimited fun and entertainment.

What is the TakaTak app?

Takatak is a short video creating and watching app which is very similar to TikTok. This app has different categories like dialogue, comedy, food sports, etc. so that you can enjoy with your preferred field. Creating short videos is quite easy with the app and also you can get great fans following by sharing on the social media platform. It also has editing functionalities to give finished look to the created video before sharing on the social media platform.

This app is mainly for Indian people and so is available in various languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada and Punjabi. Thus users can create videos in any of their preferred language and post on TakaTak and other social media platforms. This pap comes up with unique and trending content that can be enjoyed and thus can help to become popular.


  • Interface

The simple and user-friendly interface of the app makes it very easy to create videos or even edit them. You can watch videos based on choice and thus entertain yourself. Viewers can click on like the button to appreciate the creator.

  • Shoot videos

The app allows us to shoot short videos on any topic and genre. It is quite easy to record video and based on trends.

  • Edit videos

Once the video is recorded it requires editing to give finish touch. There are beauty effects, filters that can give new look to your videos and make it visually appealing. It also allows us to combine different videos and adjust timing accordingly.

  • Music

You can add any type of music to your video as it is very easy to select music from the library. It is even possible to have videos where you are singing the song or just go for lip-syncing.

  • Photo Editor

If you are creative enough and wish to show your talent to the world there is also the option to edit photos and create beautiful stories from it. This is very interesting and requires creativity to bring some amazing results.

  • Save videos

There is more than 10,000 video status that you can download and share on the various social media platform. You can watch an uncountable number of videos that are available in the app and just click on the share or download button to get videos.


  1. How to install the app?

Takatak is available on Google Play Store and so it becomes easy to download it. Just visit the Google Play store and write “Takatak” in the search bar. Clicking the search button will get the app on screen and thus clicking on it will start the installation process.

  1. Is TakaTak app safe to use?

Many Chinese apps are banned in India and so its time when everyone needs to use Indian apps. TakaTak is developed by Indian developers and is completely safe to be used for creating videos.

  1. Can videos be shared on any social media platform?

Yes, it is possible to share create videos on the TakaTak app and also on other social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. App has the option where users can easily download the video and save in it their device and directly share on social media platforms.

In all TakaTak is the best alternative to TikTok and will make you feel as if you are watching TikTok. It has various categories so that you can switch as per your mood and likings. You are not required to pay anything for using the app and still get an option to becomes popular. Just create short videos and edit to post on various social media networks. This app is quite entertaining and can keep you engaged for hours.

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