What is Mymta APP?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is launching its news website and app which will go by the name MyMta App, they are speeding up their online presence in order to keep up with the world where technological developments have taken over almost every industry.

The test version of the app has been introduced by the agency, this is the same agency that operates other renowned apps such as New York City subway and Metro-North, the test versions of the app and the website are available new.mta.info, feedback on both initiatives would be appreciated.

MYmta app

The advantages of the MyMta App?

The app is said to make the travel of commuters efficient as they will be able to plan their journey using the app. The app and website will show the status of the service, their schedule and whether there are any delays and even the cause of the delay, this is to help you plan your trip and prioritize your trip.

The app will take into consideration non-MTA services, like the Staten Island Ferry, NYC Ferry, PATH and NJ Transit on top of MTA services and with the course of time, it will be expanded to include MTA buses as well.

Will it serve its purpose?

The app has been created after taking into consideration the opinions of the average commuter through surveys, interviews and general conversations with those riding the MTA, according to the agency chairman over 2000 people were surveyed in regards to the app in order to make sure that the app meets the requirements of those who will be using it on a day to day basis.

The agency is now working on phase 2 which is to make the complete app available to the public.

“We are releasing a first draft of the app, and asking New Yorkers to try MYmta APK, test its features and use the customer feedback functions on the app and website to let us know what works, what should be added, and what they would like to change,” he said.

Do similar apps exist?

The MTA has already created four apps for the convenience of commuters to show them information regarding their services, these apps show information of the following: Metro North, LRR, The Weekender and Eric, some of these apps show information regarding train times and the other allows commuters to purchase tickets via online booking.

The new app i.e Mymta will combine the information that is present in four apps into one, however, it will not as of yet allow online bookings, this is something in the pipeline and will be introduced on a later stage.

What about the old apps?

The old apps are still available until the Mymta APP has been released to the public fully, furthermore, it has also been reported that the app will direct users to eTix in order to complete the purchase of their tickets.

The app would bring great benefit to the day to day commuter, as it is designed to make traveling efficient and convenient, similar apps have been introduced successfully in the USA and UK.

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