Myvidster app is a social video bookmarking service that lets you collect share insert your videos. You can also explore video collections from other users using myvidster apk. The first new feature is slight navigation, you can select from the main menu items by slipping to the right got you user menu search settings more. And also when you’re on the home page, if you select to the left you can sort your homepage by new popular recent.

Just an easier way to navigate, you can always use the buttons and on the bottom of the top buttons as well. The next new feature is users can now post comments on the myvidster app through the app. Go ahead and type a comment in hit the post button, myvidster app also have better power management, so when you’re viewing a video the screen won’t shut off.

Power management is not being used when you’re navigating through like your favorites your home menu. I pretty much anywhere else that’s not a video so your phone will shut off. But when you’re reviewing a video the screen will stay on next feature. The hardware buttons are now being used in the app, so click the back button will need the back.

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MyVidster Apk

myvidster got the menu button be your user menu search, and if you click the home button, it’ll take you to the Android homepage, myvidster won’t do that. The myvidster app also has improved video playback as you know myvidster download can collect videos from any site on the web, that allows video embedding. That does provide a challenge because of every video host kind of handles your video slightly differently.

But I have been able to improve it greatly where the video playback will be a lot more consistent so more video hosts. it will play on versus the previous version just want to kind of do a shout out for that feature. Myvidster application fixed the bug on that for the Android 3, and Android 4 users.

MyVidste App

Where the videos were actually not playing if you look at the user review comments. It’s mostly because the videos weren’t playing on Android 3, and Android 4. So myvidster app latest version went ahead and fixed that.

The next future update at the settings page you can know train your family filter on and off. You can enable in disable reload video on orientation change. This was a complaint where you couldn’t do that before, it’s a great feature but it’s annoying if you rotate your phone a lot.

You can enable and disable video history is a new feature that’s coming out. And when it pushes it out, and video history is what it is it tracks the videos that you have viewed. Ao those videos that I viewed and if you want you can turn it off if you don’t like that feature.

MyVidster App Download

How To Download & Install Myvidster App?

Scroll down, and click the download myvidster app right now from our store. In very few minutes, the myvidster app will be downloaded on your Android. If you are looking to download myvidster app on iOS/iPhone device. Then vthe isit iTunes store now to install myvidster app on your Apple phone directly.

Ope the play store, and search myvidster, and click on install, the myvidster app will be installed instantly on the phone.

If you already downloaded myvidster apk file from above method. So you can install so easily, check the below steps.

  1. Open the myvidster apk file, and open mobile Settings > Security and tick on unknown sources.
  2. Again click on install and next.
  3. myvidster apk file will be installed on the Android phone immediately.

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