NIMC Mobile App

This mobile ID was provided by the National Identity Management Authority (NIMC) on behalf of the Central Government of Nigeria and the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy.

What do you need?

  • You need a National Identification Number (NIN) issued by the National Identity Management Authority or an authorized agent and a mobile number.
  • Connect your mobile number to your NIN-Secure
  • In this official release, you can add 6 additional mobile numbers as per NCC requirements to link your mobile number with your NIN.
  • Make it safe and secure from the comfort of your home. So no more hassles.
  • The rest will be handled by NIMC for you.
  • Find “My Devices” in the main dashboard and enter the mobile number respectively.
  • If you do this exercise before January 31, 2021, OTP verification will be provided free of charge. After that date, Telco will be responsible for determining any SMS charges.
NIMC Mobile App

Where can I use it?

  1. This mobile ID is the correct form of identification with your passport, driving license, and/or voter ID card, along with Nigeria’s national identity card.
  2. The only precaution is that no matter where it is displayed, your ID must be verified at that location. Do not allow anyone to make a photocopy of your mobile ID or place it on the scanner.
  3. If they want a copy of the records, they have to use their copy of NIMC MobileID (ie they also have a NIN) to scan the QR code on their ID page. They can log on to the portal available at and print the verification letter.
  4. Your ID is yours – so you have the right to know who verified your identity and when.
  5. This cannot be done if a copy is made. So be sure to save your identity!
  6. By default, only basic information is displayed under “Show My ID”. To view or display additional information, such as your date of birth, nationality, and gender, click the “FullID” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  7. Only the information you display will be verified. Verification will not save your ID on their phone.
  8. The app has been developed with privacy at the center of development.
  9. The application does not store the national identity database.

Features of NIMC App

The user ID that appears in the Mobile ID application is used to represent you during authorizations to protect your NIN.

The QR code that appears on your NIN slip and your application do not contain your biometric data.

In the app, use the “Show My ID” button to show your virtual card and QR code verification – tap it to flip the card so you can look back.

Control how many of your details are displayed using the slider at the top right of your virtual card in the app.

Clicking the “Update” button in the “Show My ID” section of the application will update your information by linking securely with NIMC for your most recent data (you must have changed your name or address at the NIMC office) – Make sure you are connected to the Internet.

If someone wants to scan and verify your identity, use the QR code in the “Show my ID” section.

To scan someone else’s QR code verification on your mobile app or NIN slip, tap the “Scan ID” button on your app.

To get an OTP number to use when signing into an online portal to print your NIN slip, tap on the “I want a PIN” button for your application.

When you are using the Mobile ID app, tap on the “lock” icon on the right side of the screen to lock the app.