About Nipun App

We all know that in today world of advanced technology our protector also taking initiative and with this initiative, Delhi Police has launched an e-learning application named as Nipun App. With this e-learning app, they will impart training and help in providing up to date information to police officers.

With the use of Nipun App, Delhi Police will take advantage of advanced technology for providing knowledge of training to their upcoming trainers and already posted in the post of police to make the country secure. With this app, taking a course of training will be possible anywhere and anytime for Delhi Police.

The main aim of this app is to provide online training and information with the help of specialized course which is designed by experienced expert team form different department.

It will give online resources such as forms of case files, law, the latest ruling made by the High Court and Supreme Court, investigation checklist, standing orders. It is imagined that with this app investigation officer will be benefited at the time of course of their duty.

Nipun App
  • Flexibility

Delhi Police officers will able to enhances their skills and reinforce their learning with the use of this app. The Nipun App provides flexibility so that police can able to make a balance in their work while learning through this app. Just by login the app they can take the course anywhere when they are free from work.

  • Provide Training Material

The app provides study material, sample paper, training syllabus, manuals, and many more things. Through this, the police will give online information while undergoing their basic training. They will be provided all material with the best quality to make their base stronger and then they can become strongest for protecting the country.

  • Increase Computer Literate

In today’s digital world people are getting advanced and now it’s time to advanced our country protecting system by literate Police with the computer and most of the police personnel are entering in this field of service. It is not only meant for providing information but it will also act as a tool for constructing a bridge for removing communication gap and for feedback mechanism.

  • Update with Changing Law

 With Nipun App, Delhi Police praise the effort of departments to make this application and using of technology to reach with numerous police personnel through which they can always get an update of the Law changing and know how to maintain laws in the country with full respect.

  • Provide Training with Large Group

The most important thing has been completed through this app is providing efficient and effective training to a large group of police. Giving training in the classroom makes it fit for some peoples and not properly understand. But with this application, it can provide training to thousands of police in one class with proper management in a short span of time.

With Nipun App, the training is provided in many reputed institutions for making it effective and authentic.