Norton VPN App Review

Norton VPN App: These days with the use of technologies and technological devices, comes the need for security in these systems and devices. Therefore, Norton VPN has come up with the VPN service like many other similar security vendors who are now offering a VPN service which is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and also for the Android platforms.

The Norton Secure VPN is a security app is a very popular and liked app service from the most trusted consumer brand which has been trusted by more than millions of consumers.

The app provides protection for your device against cybercriminals, helps to browse more anonymously, to change your location, and also helps to block advertisers from tracking your online activities! You will get to turn any public Wi-Fi into your personal hotspot with the help of this app.

About the Norton VPN App:

The Norton VPN app aims to protect its customers from the usual Public Wi-Fi hacks through its newly launched VPN Apps. The company has announced its latest launch with the VPN apps which has been globally become the most wanted apps.

Norton VPN App
Norton VPN App

The app also encrypts all the data which is sent over the public Wi-Fi that includes the social media logins, online banking details, videos, App data, videos, contacts and basically everything which has been stored on your phone and is sharable with anyone. Currently the Norton VPN App is available for both the iOS and Android devices.

How to download and install the Norton VPN app in the Android or iOS devices?

As mentioned above, the app is available for both the Android and iOS devices and therefore you just need to log in to your Google Play Store account or the App Store account and get the app downloaded and installed in to your devices.

How do one proceed once the app is downloaded in to their devices?

Once you have completed signing up for Norton Secure VPN, you will receive the Welcome email offering a Getting Started link to find and install the service. Click on it to get the app installed in to your PC which post-signup web page will provide you with a Getting Started link, and with that you are all set to get the app working in to your PC which will offer you with a chance to download the Norton VPN for the PC.

What are the features provided by the Norton VPN App?

  1. The app helps to protect your device from the public Wi-Fi, cybercriminals which might spy on your online activity and hence steal your sensitive information, like passwords and also the credit cards details. Norton Secure VPN actually uses the same encryption technologies which help the banks to protect your data.
  2. With the help of this app, you can locate your online activities and location with the use of its no-log VPN. As the app does not track or store your online activity, your information remains private with you.
  3. To change your location, you just need to change your virtual location so that your IP address will never get tracked.
  4. You can use the app for blocking Ad Trackers which are used for tracking cookies which can in turn remove all of your identifying information.
  5. You can also convert any of the public Wi-Fi into your own secure virtual private network which will hence keep all of your personal information safe, and also all of your online activities private.

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