What is PB Zepetto 2019?

kode kupon pb zepetto 2019, bongkar hadiah pb zepetto, buat akun pb zepetto 2019, daftar pb zepetto 2019 : The Point Blank game is an initiative of FPS based games of Indonesia. It began to rise around the past 2011 under the auspices of Garena Indonesia. The game tests your skills as a gamer with fast paced action, precision shooting and twitches response times.

The graphics surround sound and camera effects of Point Blank will put you in the middle of the action and also test your skills at a whole new level. PB Garena’s official Facebook announced that the game will be launched on January 1, 2019.

PB Zepetto 2019
PB Zepetto 2019

What are the features of the PB Zepetto 2019?

  • The PB Zepetto 2019 is free and safe to download.
  • Point Blank latest version.
  • The game works with all the Windows versions.
  • It is the user’s choice.

How to Install PB Zepetto 2019?

  • Firstly download PB Zepetto 2019 game and wait until the download is complete.
  • Once you have downloaded the PB Zepetto game, open the set up file and then click o install or continue.
  • The PB Zepetto installation page will be appeared, the users will have to click on I agree.
  • Next a page will appear to select the installation location folder; you have to instantly click on install or change the location of the folder first and then click on install.
  • Now wait until the installation process finishes and when the installation gets completed, just tap open the app and play.

But if you are planning to play PB Zepetto with your previous Garena PB account data, then first of all the users have to transfer the account from PB Garena to Zepetto. The process is very easy and simple.

How do I transfer PB Garena accounts to PB Zepetto 2019?

  • First of all, visit the PB Zepetto 2019 website.
  • Now scroll down and you will find the “Create Account” menu. Go ahead and click on it. First a PB Zepetto account will be created and then the data will be transferred from PB Garena data.
  • Next you will find the private policy and service and then click on OK.
  • Here the users will have to fill in the details to create a Zepetto PB account.
  • Now after you have completed creating your Zepetto PB account, the users will have to now log in. Then the users will have to fill in the User ID and password that they created.
  • Now log in and then click on the “Connect with the Garena account” button.
  • Finally the account transfer is complete.

What are the new updates of the PB Zepetto 2019?

  • New Mode: The developers of the app promise to provide a different mode that is the Play Mode. It is a mode where the users will play in the atmosphere like World War II mode.
  • New Weapons, Skins and Weapon series: Adding to the atmosphere of playing in the World War II, the developers will release many weapons and also the latest skin character.
  • Different UI Showrooms.

So the game seems to be amazing and awesome. Enjoy.

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