About Peduli Lindungi Apk

Peduli Lindungi Apk: Every country is affected by Corona and the government is taking precautionary measures to spread awareness among people. Indonesia is also one of the countries that are affected by COVID-19 and so the Ministry of Communication has decided to release the app which will give information regarding the outbreak of this deadly virus in Indonesia.

Peduli Lindungi Apk is easily available on play store where every Indonesian can download it and get the latest information regarding the virus. It is a precaution by the Government to alert people of positive patients and to maintain distance to protect themselves from the virus.

Personal data that is shared with the app is stored encrypted and will not be shared with others. The main aim to get data is to alert you if you are in close to someone who is virus infected. Every user is given out random ID and personal data is accessed only if users are at high risk.

Thus complete safety and security are maintained while using the app and it is an initiative to help people in securing themselves from this virus.

Peduli Lindungi Apk

How to use Peduli Lindungi Apk?

The Peduli Lindungi Apk is quite simple and needs your location to inform you of the person who is positive and also near you. It also checks out your contacts and notifies you if your closed one is suffering from the virus. To start the application follows given instructions:

  • First, download the install Peduli Lindungi Apk successfully in your device.
  • Once you have done with it start the app where everyone will be required to fill the form. You are required to give complete information along with your active mobile number.
  • For verification and OTP would be sent through SMS. On successful verification, the app would ask permission to read your contacts so that it can notify you if there is any contact history with the corona affected person.
  • The app would also ask other permission like Bluetooth and every user has to make sure to keep in Power sharing mode. It is important to keep the app active to get all the latest updates and most importantly when you are moving in public.

Explain the working of the app?

The Peduli Lindungi Apk asks users to permit to access Bluetooth to record all the required information. If within the range other devices have installed the app and have Bluetooth On the data exchange will occur.

The app will give proximity details of the person who is affected by the virus and are surrounding you to alert and protect you. The health worker would also contact you is you are at a certain distance with the person who is virus affected.

The Peduli Lindungi Apk would help users if they are unable to remember their travel history and whom they contacted. So, that distance could be maintained and thus stop the spread of this virus.

It is advisable for every people of the country to protect themselves from this virus through self-isolation and so with this all it can help to maintain distance from an infected person. Everyone can download this app in their device and get alert to be safe from people who are COVID-19 positive.