What is PillowFort App?

PillowFort App is an application which aims to improve the present state of social media by giving better privacy and communication tools. As such there are many similar apps but most of the users complain about the limitations and flaws of these sites. So this app aims to be a user-friendly app for creativity, communication and content sharing.

The app promises to bring together all the best features form all the similar apps and also allow every user to customize their own experiences. The app allows you to curate your own blog and participate in an organized community discussion about your favorite subjects.

The app also gives you the control of who can see or reblog your content, so you can post whatever you want without having to worry about who can see it. So the app is an amazing platform to surround yourself with your favorite things, share them with others, share your own creations, and have fun with people who share your interests.

PillowFort App is a mobile app geared towards multimedia where you can make simple text posts or include an online picture, video, and audio.PillowFort App

What are the Features of PillowFort App?

  • The PillowFort App has a user control and privacy

PillowFort App aims to solve the problems faced by other similar apps like lack of control over one’s own content and who can see it or share it. The app offers to give more control over how their content can be used in the community. The users of the app can choose whether or not a post can be reblogged by other users; whether it’s viewable to all users, or only users that are already following them; and more.

So in this way, the users of the app can be as social as they want when they’re feeling extroverted and want to share their ideas, but also restrict their more private thoughts and feelings to a close circle of confidantes. The app also gives the users total control of their content. So you can delete your posts or delete all reblogs as well as make edits in your post. Also, you can delete any unwanted comments to your post.

  • Communities

The app helps you to easily find other people who can join the same things as you do, all in one place. You can post pictures of your proud baking exploits to a community of bakers, discuss the new spoilers for your favorite TV show in a community.

  • There is better dialogue between the users
  • The app provides you with a private messaging feature which lets you build friendship one on one
  • And lastly A built-in blacklisting feature, so you can hide posts containing certain keywords and tags.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How is the app different from other similar apps?

The app is different and unique from other apps in many ways. The app has unique and amazing features like goals and site features, Privacy features and content control and lastly the Communities.

  1. What is currently new in the app?

The immediate focus of the PillowFort App is developing and implementing a sustainable payment system, strengthening site security and implementing a moderation system.


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