What is Pixl Times Table App?

Pixl Times Table App is an app that improves your flexibility in order to learn tables. However, Pixl Times Table app is currently available only for school members of Pixl Primary school and you will have to get your school Login ID from your teacher if your school is also a part of PiXl Club.

In this app, you can have 4 structures to improve your learning and flexible in learning your tables. They can be broadly classified as:-

  1. Practice
  2. Time attack
  3. The test
  4. Raft Run

Now let’s go more detailed. The first structure is Practice. You can choose a timetable that you like and practice without any time limit. This is a really great feature for students to practice peacefully. 2nd one is a time attack, where you have to answer some questions in a limited quantity of time.

The 3rd one is the test, which is a structured way to learn tables and the last one is the most interesting option which enables you to compete against students of different school but only those who are in the PiXL category only.

How to Install Pixl Times Table app for all My android devices?

Well if you are thinking that installing this app is a sort of a task, then you are wrong. There are 2 easy ways to install this app. The first one is by downloading and installing it from the Google Play store and iTunes App store.

The second option is to install this app form an APK version. You can use our direct download link to install the APK of this app as well as follow the following steps.  I think you don’t need any instruction for downloading it form the Google Play store and the iTunes App store, do you? Well, these are the instructions for the installation of the APK of this app.

You have to first download this app using the download button. After that, store the app somewhere in your phone, then go to the settings, and enable the option Allow Installation from unknown sources.

Once you enable the unknown sources from your settings, read all their permissions that will be required by the Pixl Times Table apk to be able to run on your device and then accept it.

Now, you should be able to see an install button. Click on this button to install the Pixl Times Table app. After you click on the install button, wait for a while and do not exit the settings until the installation success message will be shown to you.

After the Pixl Times Table app will be installed, it will be ready to be opened for the first time from your app gallery.


Below are the answers of the most frequently asked questions about the Pixl Times Table app.

  • How can I know how much knowledge I have about tables and also how well I perform on this app?

The app will have an option which will show you all of these.

I hope that we have been able to answer all your questions. If not, then feel free to ask them in the comments section down below.


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